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    For management and support of your JD Edwards system, you need access to the most highly-trained team that can assist you with new features, functions, training, and other services. Our GSI team is perfectly equipped to provide the services you need, freeing up your internal staff to focus on strategic initiatives, customer service, and other business functions. GSI's AppCare Support provides a wide variety of JD Edwards support plans to meet your specific requirements.

    Time is a valuable resource for business management. It cannot be regained or taken back once used, making it a commodity that can either inhibit or foster growth. With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World Environments, your team utilizes a time and resource-saving ERP meant to improve operating efficiency at a reasonable cost. This service helps businesses focus more on customers, clients, the product or services provided, and other business needs.

    The JD Edwards Environment you have invested in is a complex and data-driven software that is built to optimize operations and make everyone’s job easier. It provides database and deployment options, cloud offerings that are private, public, or hybrid, over 80 application modules, and plenty of personalization flexibility.

    Support for a system this comprehensive is crucial for maintaining business growth. For the better ongoing performance of these environments, you may need JD Edwards support offered by GSI.


    GSI's Managed Services Covers Many Functions:

    JD Edwards CNC Support (Configurable Network Computing)

    ESUs, Patches and Package Builds

    Business Applications (Apps)

    Integrations/Extensions - BSSV and AIS

    24/7 Monitoring

    Security/SOD and Cybersecurity

    UX One / UDO's

    Continuous Delivery Model / Code Currency

    Third-party Tools

    Customizations (DEV)

    Database (DB)

    Why Consider a JD Edwards Managed Services Provider

    A managed services provider, or MSP, for JD Edwards system administration may be the solution to your questions about support. The managed services team at GSI is fully trained in the JDE system and can prevent software issues with your ERP platform.

    This managed service provider can operate as staff augmentation or an outsourced consultant to address any support concerns with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World.

    What Can a Comprehensive JD Edwards Managed Services Provider do for You?

    An MSP exists to prevent rising overhead costs, improve service delivery, provide support to your internal team, and help allocate business resources where they belong. There is a myriad of ways that an MSP for JD Edwards systems can benefit your company.

    Addressing Challenges from JD Edwards Applications

    How do you support such a robust yet complex ERP system? 

    Many organizations operate globally and are 24/7/365, requiring an extensive staff of technical and functional resources to support their requirements. Even smaller companies require significant staffing to oversee their JD Edwards environment. These resources are expensive to hire and even more difficult to retain with their high demand and advanced skill sets.

    Filling in the Gaps 

    How can you provide effective support at a reasonable cost for your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World systems while minimizing risks?  Many organizations struggle with coverage and knowledge gaps during routine operations, let alone addressing the staffing challenges when there is a major project.

    Maybe it’s time to consider augmenting your staff with services provided by a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Managed Services Provider (MSP). An MSP allows you to outsource certain functions related to the management of your JD Edwards environment, allowing you to operate more cost-efficiently and effectively with JDE Outsourcing.

    In addition to our JD Edwards managed services, explore our full range of JDE consulting services, including implementations, upgrades, cloud services, Orchestrator services, and more.

    Ask JDE Experts a Question

    What makes GSI's JDE Support Different?

    JDE Managed ServicesWhy go with GSI for your JDE systems management?
    • Immediate Response Time: We are proud of our under 5-minute response times to tickets and alerts relating to support concerns. 

    • Flexible Support Plans: With EaaSy™, we offer the most customizable and cost-effective JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World system plans that will suit your business requirements.

    • Broad Range of Support Offerings: Whether you need support for configurable network computing, application functionality/development, OS/infrastructure, security, or infrastructure as a service, our MSPs can manage the task. 

    • 24x7 Global Support: No matter your geographical location, our response time is guaranteed the world over for your corporate locations. You have access to us for all your global needs. 

    • GENIUS AI Tool: Our AI can provide comprehensive application insights, automation, infrastructure monitoring, and performance analytics for your JDE managed services.

    • Vast Experience: We have 15+ years of JDE, industry, and business experience, along with various certifications (i.e. Oracle Platinum Partner, CNC, Financials, Distribution, etc., Cloud MSP).

    • High Availability & Disaster Recovery:  Address Your Business Continuity Needs for a Fraction of the Costs with Multiple Solutions to Meet Your Business Requirements.

    • 100% Signature Guarantee: Services Backed by GSI’s Signature 100% Guarantee

    • AICPA SOC Compliance:  Meets criteria for TSP 100, 2017 Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, & Privacy (AICPA, Trust Services Criteria)

    Major Benefits of JD Edwards Support

    • Reduce IT Operational Complexity   
    • Cost Savings through Pooled Resources

    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    • Provide Scalability

    • Business Agility / Competitive Advantage

    • Average Reduction in System Support Costs of 67.4%

    • Focus Staff on Managing & Growing Business

    • Access to Pool of Expert Resources – Experienced, Trained & Certified

    • Expanded Coverage – Global 24/7/365

    • Reduce Risks

    • Flexible Services

    • Compliance and Security

    • Vendor Management

    • Controlled Predictable Monthly Costs

    • Minimize Issues/Faster Response with  Proactive Monitoring (24/7/365)

    • Quickly Realize Benefits of Continuous Delivery

    • Increased Service Levels / Improved Response Times

    • Improved Compliance and Security 

    Companies Using MSPs for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World Environments Save Time and Money

    Your company’s benefit if you hire a managed services provider or other JD Edwards support will be quickly evident.

    You can keep critical resources allocated to areas such as business growth, employee development, and strategic initiatives.

    It is far more cost-efficient to outsource your support needs rather than hiring internal staff or training current team members. Relying on an outside managed services team will ensure that your ERP processes are maintained 24/7 and not reliant on a trained team member being at their desk when an issue arises.

    Adopting Upgrades and Third-Party Tools

    JD Edwards Support Services by GSIOYou will also see the benefit of working with a managed services team when Oracle releases additional features or new functionality that must be adopted in your organization. Having access to their expertise will be crucial to staying competitive in your industry. As your company incorporates changes to the system, GSI services will help you manage the adjustment phase for your team members.

    When integrating upgrades or cross-function with third-party tools and your Oracle platform, our managed services support can be a crucial aspect of guiding you through the transition. We can also help you decide whether to keep your system in-house or move toward cloud-based hosting.

    We are Committed to Our Service Level Agreement with You

    Everything is guaranteed in your SLA with GSI for JDE managed services support which holds our entire team accountable.

    We guarantee a reduction in costs and improved functions with your JDE EnterpriseOne and World environments when you partner with us.

    Where to Begin?

    To take advantage of JD Edwards managed services support and gain access to the vast benefits our team provides, start by contacting us today. We have multiple offices throughout the United States, all filled with professionals who can help your business thrive with Oracle system integration and support.

    Optimize your business operations by getting in touch with our team at GSI today to learn more about our support plans.

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