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    Let GSI, the Oracle of JDE Orchestrations, show you how to automate your manual business processes using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator to create JDE Orchestrations, resulting in transformational changes in efficiency, effectiveness, and stakeholder satisfaction with GSI’s JDE Orchestrator training and consulting services.

    Gaining a competitive advantage is the goal of every effective business executive. If there are tools that can improve the status of a company and put it on course for faster growth, then why wouldn’t decision-makers want to take advantage of these tools? JDE programs like the EnterpriseOne environment and Orchestrator Studio can allow businesses to make better use of data, automation, and user personalization. These factors, combined with a competent service team, can eliminate errors from every manual process and facilitate integrations between cloud services, third-party applications, incoming messages, accounting, and JDE programs.

    Gone are the days of keeping a physical address book to keep track of your clients. Gone are the days of having to track all data manually and waste hours of your employees’ time conducting busy tasks. This time could be better spent focusing on other aspects of the business like product development, marketing initiatives, improved customer service, and more. Let GSI teach you how to streamline a business process with a simple orchestration.


    What are JDE Orchestrations?

    JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator, (formerly known as the JDE IoT Orchestrator), allows citizen developers, or business analysts, to automate manual business processes using orchestrations. However, they can create an orchestration without having to rely on a professional developer. Through JDE Orchestrator, your analyst has access to the tools needed to deploy orchestrations which include building, testing, and deploying automated business functions.

    This allows your firm to build orchestrations efficiently without having to contact a developer to request new tasks. More personalization is also available for users, making it easy for your employees to build processes and JDE orchestrations that make sense for their list of responsibilities.

    Benefits of Using JDE Orchestrator

    The orchestrator tool allows everyday users to create, test, and deploy their own orchestrations. In addition to automating manual business processes, JDE Orchestrator allows for the integration of data from IoT devices and interactive applications through the creation of an orchestration. This level of organization transforms data into an actionable process that can propel the company forward and use resources more efficiently. Your team can also build custom programs that integrate with cloud services in real-time.

    The benefits of orchestrator can eliminate errors that frequently occur with manual forms of data processing. When users gain a better understanding of creating an orchestration with JDE Orchestrator Studio, they can practice integrations and invoke orchestrations to make their job easier.

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    GSI's JD Edwards Orchestrator Training and Services

    Putting your business on course for growth with the use of JDE systems requires a thorough onboarding process. In order to help each user adapt to creating an orchestration to make their job easier, you need a reliable resource that can assist with training and service for the Orchestrator system. GSI can be that resource to help you push forward and gain a competitive advantage with faster processes and more automation.

    Learning JDE Orchestrator is critical for your team members to understand orchestration inputs, service requests, and how to eliminate manual processing options from their everyday tasks. Once they understand how to create, test, and deploy these orchestrations, as well as the various components of the Orchestrator process, they can provide additional value to the company through more efficient work.

    At GSI, the Oracle of JDE Orchestrations, we can support your growth initiatives through training and Orchestrator Studio assistance. Our expert team of JD Edwards professionals can teach your employees and fellow executives how to create orchestrations such as making a form request, inputting data, connecting third-party applications, integrating IoT devices, form personalization through notifications, and creating full orchestrations that automate manual business processes. The value that your team members can bring will increase with the implementation of more efficient practices that the JDE Orchestrator can create.

    Using JDE EnterpriseOne requires a lot of data input and processing. With the JDE Orchestrator Studio, these actions can be automated with an orchestration, eliminating the possibility of user error that could result in incorrect data input or failed integration. The reason that this program used to be called JDE IoT Orchestrator is because that was the only function it could perform, connecting IoT devices to E1 environments. Now, it can do so much more, and with additional features comes a new name. Not only can the JDE Orchestrator handle connections with IoT devices but also third-party applications, cloud services, and custom programs.

    JD Edwards Orchestrator Workshop

    Learn How to Create JDE Orchestrations with JDE Orchestrator Studio


    Orchestrator Hands-On Workshop 400 x 225-min

    During this free hands-on virtual workshop, you will learn how to use JDE Orchestrator’s capabilities and best practices. We will focus on how it can be applied using real-life business use cases.



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    JDE Orchestrator Studio

    JDE-Upgrade 400 x 225-minThe JD Edwards Orchestrator Studio is the tool used within the EnterpriseOne environment to build, test, and deploy orchestrations. This program was built to make orchestrations more user-friendly for citizen developers to create themselves. After the initial training, each user will have access to the Orchestrator Studio with a solid understanding of how the Orchestrator works.

    Within this program, there are multiple tools that can help each user create, test, and initiate orchestrations. The following components are involved in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Studio.

    • Orchestration: This refers to the master process of the tool that includes the next four components.
    • Service Request: Service requests invoke a JD Edwards or Java application.
    • Rule: Incoming data is evaluated against a set of pre-existing conditions to determine how the orchestration will be processed.
    • Cross-Reference: This aspect uses tables set up by the user to reference incoming data with information from EnterpriseOne.
    • White List: The initial gate to validate the device against a pre-defined list.

    The Orchestrator tool integrates with the EnterpriseOne Application Services Server, or AIS server, to store the manually created orchestrations. Another benefit of this service is that it allows users to set up notifications via text, email, or through EnterpriseOne to send alerts based on watchlist thresholds. This feature can keep employees informed when data comes in and initiates a new task so that they can act upon that automated action quickly.

    Cloud services are the future of business, and any company that plans to remain competitive can benefit from migrating to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment. This tool helps businesses track and utilize data, automate processes, incorporate users, integrate with third-party applications, and much more, all through a simple orchestration.

    Most importantly, a JD Edwards system provides the features necessary to maximize business processes using cloud computation, lessening the burden on your team to maintain on-site servers and manage the logistics of various JD Edwards components. But adopting this type of company-wide system can be extremely complex, and without helpful tools that set your employees up for success, the business will be on course to rely on outside entities to handle programs that are meant to make life easier for your team.

    Whitepaper: 10 Quick Win Orchestrator Use Cases

    With costs being under the microscope in these unprecedented times, everyone is looking for the quick wins that provide immediate benefits, without taking on a major project. Here are 10 quick wins use cases for JD Edwards Orchestrator that can help your organization minimize business process complexities by automating tasks and streamlining business operations.


    How Can GSI Help?

    EnterpriseOne Orchestrations-minFreeing up more of your own time, as well as your employees, creates more space for the team to focus on other aspects of running the business that requires more attention. Spending time each day tracking and logging data into a program can take away from more important tasks. The last thing that you want is for busy work to hold your company back from maximizing growth. JD Edwards environments, with the assistance of the JD Edwards Orchestrator, provide the tools needed to assist your team with computation and data use, but more importantly, will free up time to work on other responsibilities that can propel your company forward.

    Staying on course with your growth goals is crucial with JD Edwards Orchestrator. When your team is weighed down by manual processes that eat away hours of the day, the potential for your company is lessened. Our goal is to help you reach your potential by answering every service request quickly, teaching your team members to use JDE Orchestrator, and realizing the full benefits of automation and integration with applications, IoT devices, data input, and messages.

    The GSI team was created to serve businesses that are implementing a JD Edwards system. We can provide an instructor, a training manual, and an entire group of professionals dedicated to helping your staff gain a solid understanding of the JD Edwards Orchestrator so that you can leverage this process to your advantage and gain a competitive edge. With our Oracle support and training, your employees will soon know what a service request is, how to create orchestrations, how these tools can improve their processes, and what it takes to build automation into their responsibilities.

    Contact us today for additional information about our orchestrator service and training process for JDE systems. We are happy to get on the phone with you and discuss how JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards Orchestrator Studio can benefit your business and help your team members become more efficient employees.

    In addition to our JDE orchestrator services, explore our full range of JD Edwards consulting services, including JD Edwards managed services, JDE upgrades, JDE implementations, JD Edwards cloud services, and more.

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