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    JD Edwards for Real Estate

    JD Edwards for Real Estate

    For more than 15+ years, GSI, Inc. has been helping companies in real estate transform their operations leveraging the most comprehensive technology solutions (ERP, Cloud, IoT, Machine Learning, AI, RPA, Analytics, Integration, etc.) coupled with its extensive real estate experience.

    As a certified Oracle Platinum Partner and a recognized industry leader, GSI has helped their real estate clients realize dramatic improvements in operational efficiencies without having to focus resources on managing their infrastructure.

    Why GSI for Real Estate

    GSI knows real estate. GSI consultants average 15+ years of real estate. Our consultants have expertise in modern ERP/MRP, machine learning & AI, Internet of Things, cloud (public, private, hybrid, multi, on-prem), RPA, and integration. 

    With a comprehensive set of soluions and services, our real estate clients can innovate quickly, optimize operations and achieve a quick Time to Value (TTV). 

    All services are backed by GSI's 100% Signature Guarantee.        


    Why JD Edwards for Real Estate

    In the real estate sector, processes must run securely, flawlessly and be traceable for audits. An ERP allows a real estate company to operate more efficiently, flexibly and modern with a single version of the truth. Efficiency can be greatly boosted by integrating finances with other administrative functions and automating the workflow.

    Real estate involves huge investments and companies are constantly held accountable both internally and externally. Real estate company processes are largely spreadsheet-driven and paper is the cornerstone of the business. More and more digital solutions are added over time, creating a jumble of applications.

    As a result, workflows often are not optimized, nor processes well integrated. In the event of diversification or new administrative requirements, companies are confronted with the limitations of their systems. Companies are often not aware that they can automate more, despite the tremendous advantages it offers.

    Ask Real Estate Experts a Question

    Challenges Facing Real Estate Companies and How GSI Can Help


    Business Disruption


    Improve business processes despite major shifts - agile, flexible & scalable 


    Global Competition


    Reduce costs, expand market share, optimize operations, improve customer experience, and increased profitability


    Inflexible Processes


    An agile and flexible system that can keep up with the rapid pace of change


    Lack of analytics to make timely decisions


    Improved reporting, better business decision-making ability and increased productivity 

    Ready To Start?

    Our mission is to make every customer a client by offering competitively-priced, full-customizable products and services, providing only the most experienced consultants, and delivering the highest level of service day-after-day, year-after-year.