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    JD Edwards Mobile Apps with GlobalNext

    When warehouse managers check product inventories from their cell phones, employees submit vacation requests to the HR department using their tablets, or managers obtain PO approvals via their mobile devices, they’re all leveraging the power of enterprise mobile applications. 

    Mobile enterprise apps are big business. In the U.S. alone, the market is expected to reach $98 billion in 2021—up from $48 billion in 2016—based on a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15%. Designed to run on smartphones and tablets, mobile enterprise apps help organizations mobilize their business processes, extend their brands, and interact efficiently with employees, customers, and business partners.

    With the introduction of GSI’s new mobile framework called GlobalNEXT™, powered by Nextper, JD Edwards users can take advantage of mobile enterprise applications without having to do all of the legwork and development themselves. And while Oracle doesn’t offer service for JD Edwards users (who are only able to build out apps using Orchestrator), GSI is offering it as part of our AppCare JD Edwards managed services when combined with minimal development support

    Here’s Why JD Edwards Enterprise Apps are So Popular

    There’s no doubt that an effective mobile infrastructure is a key to success in today’s business environment. According to Aberdeen, more than 90% of employees use a smartphone or tablet as a crucial part of their work based computing, while 70% of organizations rate their mobile capabilities as vital to their success.

    To take full advantage of these trends, companies need enterprise mobile apps that:

    • Are easy to use
    • Streamline complex business flows
    • Move data entry to mobile devices
    • Reduce the need for manual processes and paperwork
    • Automate the reporting and tracking functions
    • Improve productivity by combining different functions/departments
    • Provide a “self-serve” interface that reduces burden on administrative staff
    • Enable faster decision making
    • Are easy (and cheap) to maintain and update

    The benefits of mobile enterprise apps don’t end there. New generations of workers want to be able to use mobile devices and applications on the job. They don’t want to be burdened by paperwork, manual processes, and too many “hoops” to jump through to get what they need. The problem is that building enterprise mobile apps is more complex than it looks. To do it properly, you need your own internal development expertise and/or a way to educate your development staff on how to make these applications. GSI has already built out the framework that’s not only easy to use, but that’s also linked directly to JDE via Orchestrator.

    Solving Critical Pain Points

    Here are some of the biggest challenges that  enterprise mobile apps are solving for JDE users:


    Outdated warehouse inventory data and lack of real-time data visibility out in the field.

    You can’t manage what you can’t see. Mobile apps increase information visibility by providing real-time data collection on the production floor and in the  warehouse.

    Lack of standardized processes and difficult collecting of accurate field data.

    GSI develops easily-adaptable mobile apps that can be updated as business operations change.

    Inventory losses due to inefficient processes.

    With mobile enterprise apps, you get total visibility into production and inventory management, thus eliminating the possibility of inventory losses due to inefficiencies.

    Manual order-picking processes that slowdown production time.

    As employees move product on the floor, they scan the barcode on their mobile phones and the information is instantaneously available (i.e., what was produced, when it was produced, what line it came from, and where it is stored)

    Inefficient, paper-based systems.

    Mobile apps streamline digital processes and eliminate paper-based mistakes and losses.

    Inability to track work orders.

    With a single scan on their mobile devices, users can obtain a purchase order reception, ship confirmation, or voucher match, and then issue a work order.

    No Effort On Your End

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    With GSI’s GlobalNEXT™ solution, there’s zero specialized workforce development required on your end. Partner with us and we’ll create all the mobile enterprise applications that you need, including (but not limited to) applications for:

    • PO Approval
    • Employee Time Entry
    • Manager Time Entry Approval
    • Inventory Adjustment
    • Inventory Inquiry
    • Customer Inquiry
    • Batch Approval
    • Batch Posting
    • Shipping Confirmations
    • Work Order Approvals
    • Server Manager Console

    This is just a sample of the mobile applications that are already available or currently under development.

    A Fully-Supported Application Suite

    Powered by Nextper, GSI’s GlobalNEXT™ takes the risk out of mobile app development for JDE. Not only are you offloading the development process to us, but we’ll also manage and support it with guaranteed response times.

    When a new JDE release hits the market, you won’t have to retrofit or modify all of your apps. They’ll be fully supported and operating as promised.

    With most companies managing remote workforces right now, the need for mobile connectivity is greater than ever. Company leaders, managers, and employees all need access to the right data, and they also need to be able to interact with one another using that data. Using mobile enterprise apps, you can effectively “untether” these individuals and equip them with the tools they need to be able to do their jobs, interact with one another, and support your customers.


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