JD Edwards for Manufacturing

    JD Edwards for Manufacturing

    For more than 15 years, GSI, Inc. has been helping manufacturing companies transform their operations leveraging the most comprehensive technology solutions (ERP, Cloud, IoT, Machine Learning, AI, RPA, Digital Supply Chain, Smart Manufacturing, Industries 4.0, Analytics, etc.) coupled with its extensive manufacturing expertise. As a certified Oracle Platinum Partner and a recognized industry leader, GSI has helped their clients realize dramatic improvements in operational efficiencies across the supply chain without having to focus resources on managing their infrastructure.

    Why GSI for Manufacturing

    GSI knows manufacturing. GSI consultants average 15+ years of manufacturing experience, with expertise in repetitive, discrete, process (continuous), process (batch), and job shop. 

    With a comprehensive set of soluions and services, our manufacturing clients can innovate quickly, optimize operations and achieve a quick Time to Value (TTV). 

    All services are backed by GSI's 100% Signature Guarantee.


    Why JD Edwards Manufacturing?

    JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing supports any type of manufacturing environment: process, discrete, or mixed mode. Whether that process is "make-to-stock," "assemble to order," or "engineer to order," It enables JD Edwards to expand on new concepts such as lean manufacturing, Kanban, and multi-site production planning and global demand management to help your company grow. It also includes more specific programs to support processes such as equipment management and "advanced cost accounting," which perform complex cost accounting functions to fit your task needs. Here are a few reasons why you may choose JD Edwards for your manufacturing company:

    1. End-to-end manufacturing solution: JD Edwards offers a comprehensive suite of modules that cover various aspects of manufacturing operations, including production planning, scheduling, shop floor management, inventory management, and quality control. This enables better visibility and control over all of your essential processes. 

    2. Support for multiple manufacturing modes: JDE supports various manufacturing modes, such as discrete, process, and mixed-mode manufacturing, making it suitable for a wide range of manufacturing companies with diverse production methods.

    3. Supply chain management: JD Edwards provides robust supply chain management capabilities, including procurement, order management, and transportation management. These tools help streamline supply chain operations, optimize inventory levels, and improve supplier collaboration.

    4. Advanced planning and scheduling: JDE offers advanced planning and scheduling features that enable manufacturing companies to optimize production plans, manage resource constraints, and minimize lead times. This helps improve on-time delivery performance and overall manufacturing efficiency.

    5. Quality management: JD Edwards includes a quality management module that allows manufacturers to monitor and maintain product quality throughout the production process. This helps ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, reduces the risk of product defects, and improves customer satisfaction.

    6. Product lifecycle management: JDE provides tools for managing the entire product lifecycle, from concept to end-of-life, including product design, engineering, and maintenance. This helps manufacturing companies reduce time-to-market, manage product costs, and support continuous improvement initiatives.

    7. Financial management: JD Edwards offers a robust financial management suite that helps manufacturing companies manage their financial operations, including cost accounting, financial reporting, and budgeting. This enables better visibility into product costs and profitability.

    8. Integration and customization: The open architecture of JD Edwards allows for seamless integration with other software and systems, enabling manufacturers to leverage their existing technology investments. Additionally, JDE offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the solution to your organization's specific needs and workflows.

    9. Scalability and flexibility: JD Edwards can scale to support manufacturing companies of different sizes and complexities, making it a suitable option for small, mid-sized, and large enterprises alike.

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    Challenges Facing Manufacturing Companies and How GSI Can Help


    Business Disruption


    Easily and quickly adapt to changing needs of business


    Global Competition


    Reduce costs, expand market share, optimize operations, improve customer experience, and increased profitability


    Inflexible Processes


    Implement lean manufacturing to optimize business processes


    Lack of analytics to make timely decisions


    Improved visibility across business

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