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Move JD Edwards to OCI, AZURE, AWS, or a private hosting option

JD Edwards Cloud

Public, Private, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud

It's time to focus on your business and not your business systems. Are you considering hosting your on-prem business applications in the cloud? Running your business in the cloud has never been easier!


JDE Cloud Services

Are you ready to focus on growing your business instead of maintaining your JD Edwards software system? Are you considering hosting your JD Edwards on-prem business applications in the cloud? Why wait? Running your business in the cloud has never been easier with GSI’s JD Edwards cloud solutions for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and more! GSI offers the most extensive array of JDE cloud options (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and more) to help meet your specific requirements. If you are looking for an Oracle-based solution, JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud (OCI) is an excellent option.

Let GSI’s experienced team of JD Edwards hosting professionals help with a JDE E1 cloud solution to meet your specific requirements, including our services for strategy, roadmap, migration, consulting, advisory, implementation, and managed services.  We can also help with JD Edwards World A9.4 cloud solution.

Are you unsure if adopting this service is the right decision for your brand? Take the first step with a Cloud Value Assessment service. This tool will help you analyze whether or not moving your IT systems to the cloud would provide value for the business and what that process could look like with a custom roadmap for migration.

Not only do we provide top-notch JDE cloud services, but we also offer a comprehensive range of JD Edwards consulting services. From managed services to upgrades, implementations, and Orchestrator training and services, we have everything you need to take your business to the next level. Our services are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of clients across various industries.

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We leveraged many of GSI’s best practices and its experience working on past implementations, including server setups and how they stood up Azure.

Patrick Seals, CIO
Why Move to the Cloud?

As a business owner or executive, you have a long list of priorities for managing the company. Operational efficiency is needed for business processes to maintain profitability. Sufficient risk management is necessary to protect the company and its employees. To keep up with the competition, you must stay current with your product or service to keep customers pleased. Then, there is a constant push for innovation to improve the capabilities of the business, and many executives are forced to ponder how to innovate faster than the competition. Managing this list of priorities is the key to addressing your business needs and promoting profitability and growth for your brand.

Computing and data storage capabilities are two other sectors that have become a top priority for companies in the 21st century. The ability to eliminate human errors, reduce infrastructure resources, speed up decision-making processes, gain better insights from data, and implement the integration of other applications is almost a necessity in the age of the internet.

The Rise of the Cloud

Many companies have already adopted cloud computing and managed services while reaping the benefits. This means that if you have not jumped into this technology feet-first, then you are behind the curve. Innovations such as the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and private/multi/hybrid cloud options for JD Edwards have incited a digital transformation in the business sector, allowing companies to consolidate their data storage and computing needs into one overarching service similar to a software as a service (SaaS) solution.

A cloud-based platform can host a plethora of business needs. Instead of doing all of your computing on-premises with significant hardware and related infrastructure investments, you can lighten the load on your employees and organizations.

By migrating or upgrading your ERP, database, infrastructure, and computing processes to a service like OCI, AWS or Azure, you can maximize efficiency for all your systems and create a better environment for growth.


Ask Cloud Experts a Question

How Can Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Amazon AWS, or Microsoft Azure Help?

JDE Cloud Pic 200-minThe first question that you should ask of a service for Oracle JD Edwards cloud is how it can help you save money and gain a competitive edge for the enterprise. A cloud migration for a JD Edwards solution can provide many benefits for your brand.

Adopting “Big Data”

Information is the lifeblood of all industries. Every organization or corporation tracks both structured and unstructured data as a major part of their enterprise in their ERP solution and other enterprise systems, with the goal of using that data to maintain profitability and continued growth.

Oracle IaaS, AWS and Azure will allow you to migrate your current applications and database to the cloud and take advantage of more functionality for processing the information. With better insight, you can make more informed decisions to increase profitability, customer visibility, and efficient use of resources.

Improved Collaboration

When you deploy applications using JD Edwards Oracle cloud infrastructure, AWS, or Azure, collaboration throughout your teams becomes far more efficient. No longer will you have to be concerned about employees who are off-site and may not have access to hardware. Collaborating with your partners through the cloud will benefit the speed with which you can conduct business and complete projects. New features that improve networking capabilities will help you stay code-current and eliminate time-wasting in your business processes.


As your brand grows, so does your need for computation power and database storage. Oracle JD Edwards cloud technology is designed to be scalable so that adapting to growth is a quick and easy process. Instead of constantly having to update your in-house systems to accommodate new functionality when growth occurs, this cloud platform is ready-made to expand with your development needs.

Why JD Edwards Customers Love the Oracle Cloud, AWS and Azure

When you choose the Oracle JD Edwards cloud (OCI), AWS or Azure to be your solution, you are saying yes to stronger ERP capabilities, a reliable infrastructure that undergoes routine maintenance, and off-site systems that can cut out human error and speed up most of your IT business processes. Whether you choose Oracle IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, your search for the right cloud system ends with JD Edwards.

Backed by this powerful innovation, you and the rest of the brand’s ownership can focus more on that long list of priorities.

GSI is the JD Edwards Cloud Support Team You Need

JD Edwards customers may need lots of assistance with their cloud migration plan and implementation of other applications once they are up and running with Oracle. That is where GSI steps in as a trusted business partner. Our team has deep expertise in various JD Edwards services, from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to the Oracle cloud IaaS, AWS, Azure, and more.

When you encounter questions about your ERP needs or how to use the service effectively, you can partner with GSI to help you navigate this new platform.

JD Edwards Hosting Options

JD Edwards Cloud and JD Edwards World Cloud

  • Public Cloud - Oracle Cloud (IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS)
  • Public Cloud - Amazon AWS
  • Public Cloud - Microsoft Azure
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Multi-Cloud
  • High Availability/Disaster Recover Options (HA/DR)

Broadest Range of Offerings

Options Include Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud for Oracle JD Edwards


Provides Comprehensive Application Insights, Automation, Infrastructure Monitoring & Performance Analytics

JD Edwards & Cloud Experts

Rely on our Industry-Leading Experts with an Average 15+ Years of JD Edwards, Hosting, Cloud, and Managed Services Experience

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Cloud High Availability/Disaster Recovery Options for Your JD Edwards On-Prem or Cloud System

Sub 5-Minute Response Time

Average Sub 5-Minute Response Time to Tickets & Alerts!

Multi-Cloud Maestros

Experts in Managing Workloads Deployed on Multiple Platforms – Oracle Cloud, AWS, Azure, and More!

24x7 Global Support

Global 24x7x365 Support for all Your Corporate Locations! Right-shoring to Meet Your Global Needs!

100% Signature Guarantee

Services Backed by GSI’s Signature 100% Guarantee

Take the First Step Today with a JD Edwards Cloud Value Assessment

While migrating your JD Edwards system to the cloud offer numerous benefits, the process can be daunting and expose your organization to potential risks if not done correctly. This is why GSI has developed a comprehensive JDE EnterpriseOne cloud value assessment to provide decision-makers with a comprehensive roadmap to migrate to the cloud.  The deliverables will include:

  • Documented Findings and Recommendations
  • Cloud Migration Roadmap
  • Prioritized Scope
  • High-Level Timeline
  • High-Level Estimate
  • ROI and TCO Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Future State Support Needs
For more information, please visit Cloud Value Assessment.

GSI Clients Have Seen Up to a 52% Savings Over a 3-Year Period

With GSI's JDE E1 Cloud and Hosting Solutions, you'll realize the following benefits: 

Lower Capex and Opex Expenses

Increase Performance and Efficiency

Reduce IT Operational Complexity


Focus Resources on Growing Business

On-Demand Environments

Create Business Agility and Competitive Advantage

Minimize Risks

Provide Business Continuity, Reliability & Security

Increase Automation

Ready To Start?

Our mission is to make every customer a client by offering competitively-priced, full-customizable products and services, providing only the most experienced consultants, and delivering the highest level of service day-after-day, year-after-year.