Companies today demand an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is flexible enough to address the many challenges of a dynamically NetSuite Graphicchanging business environment with a single, integrated EPR application that handles all core processes for users located anywhere in the world.
NetSuite ERP provides the answer by empowering companies with a solution that streamlines major organizational processes (accounting, order management, supply chain, production, procurement, etc.), while providing real time visibility and analytics on company performance across all business functions.  NetSuite’s proven solution also help companies accelerate their financial closing, while improving user productivity and better managing IT costs.  As the world’s most deployed cloud ERP solution, NetSuite ERP is used by more than 40,000 organizations in 160+ countries.
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Benefits associated with NetSuiteERP implementations*:
  • Reduced IT costs (50% or greater) 
  • Accelerated financial close (20%-50%)
  • Order-to-cash cycle reduced (50%+)
  • Cut audit preparation time (50%)
  • Reduced invoicing costs (25%-75%) 
* Nucleus Research and Hurwitz & Associates
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