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    Propel your business into the future and breathe new life into your legacy systems

    Unlock the Full Potential of Your Legacy Systems
    Are you struggling with outdated, on-premise software that's holding your growing organization back? Using paced, incremental application modernization processes, GSI puts the power of new technology into the hands of your organization without making you rip and replace your legacy business solutions. 

    To compete, grow, and differentiate your organization in today’s marketplace, you need core business applications that propel you to success — not hold you back with antiquated, legacy, or homegrown technology platforms. In this age of digital transformation, many companies with existing systems are considering their options and looking for innovative ways to eke more life out of those solutions while also gaining the advantage of modern technology.

    Older systems can be updated with newer features by rewriting code, taken off the mainframe, and placed in a hosted environment, or completely replaced with new applications. In return, your organization gets a chance to take existing applications that have been kicking around your enterprises for years (or even decades) and bring them up to the standards of tomorrow.

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    Why Modernize Your Applications?
    • Boost Performance and Efficiency - Outdated systems can be slow, unreliable, and prone to errors. By modernizing your applications, you can improve performance, streamline operations, and reduce maintenance and support costs. 
    • Enhance Security and Compliance - Legacy applications can be more vulnerable to security breaches and may not meet needed compliance standards. Modernization strengthens your security posture and ensures your systems are up-to-date with industry standards and regulations. 
    • Increase Scalability and Flexibility - It can be hard to adapt your organization to the ever-changing market while using outdated systems. When you modernize your systems, you'll be able to adapt quickly to changing market demands. 
    • Drive Innovation and Competitiveness - Application modernization unlocks new features and capabilities that can help you stay ahead of the competition. 

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    GSI Application Modernization Services

    With GSI’s app modernization, companies get:

    • Incremental modernization
    • The ability to move/upgrade applications at your own pace
    • Updated legacy applications
    • Refactoring of monolithic applications into microservices

    Incremental modernization is especially important for a company that doesn’t want to replace an entire business system in order to gain the latest functionalities. At GSI, we can take an application that has a database and then extend that database while leaving the application intact. We can also break off one piece of an application and make it more flexible, agile, and modern (a process known as “separation of concerns”).

    When you make changes to one piece of the application, you don’t have to go through and retest the entire program; you simply segment it out and assess that single piece. This helps reduce the overall cost of ownership for the software while also making your system landscape more adaptable and future-proofed. For example, if your business processes change, you know your system will be able to adapt because you’ve already reviewed your application inventory and changed it as needed.

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    By having GSI modernize your legacy applications, you’ll be able to decrease the amount of time, manpower, and resources spent on managing these applications on a daily basis. Then, you can reinvest that time into delivering a high level of value to your customers, continuously improving your business strategies, and creating an organization that stands out from the pack.

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