JD Edwards Upgrades & Migrations

EnterpriseOne 9.2 & World A9.4 Upgrades

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, GSI has successfully completed 500+ JDE upgrades and over 250+ migrations to EnterpriseOne.

JDE Upgrade

The easiest way to take advantage of the new features and functionality added in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 is to upgrade to the latest application and tools releases (currently Release 23). If you are using JD Edwards World, consider migrating to EnterpriseOne 9.2 or upgrading to World A9.4.

Companies are taking advantage of the new capabilities to enhance and grow their businesses, including UX One, User Defined Objects (UDO’s), Orchestrator, one-click provisioning, personalization, extensibility, 64-bit processing, continuous delivery, simplified JDE upgrade process, and a whole lot more with JDE upgrades.

 Why Should I Consider an EnterpriseOne Upgrade?

Technology is changing quickly, and you need to have the most updated software versions regardless of the industry you serve. Old versions of JD Edwards lack the features and support you need to react rapidly to your changing business needs, as well as create major risks associated with not being able to apply the latest platform and security updates.

Take the first step towards upgrading your JD Edwards software by conducting a Business Value Assessment. Don't miss out on the latest features and support available to enhance and grow your business. In addition to our upgrade services, we offer a full range of JDE consulting offerings, including managed services, implementations, cloud services, Orchestrator services, and more. Explore our offerings and propel your business forward.

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How Your JD Edwards Environment Upgrade Benefits Your Business

Your ability to grow in the 21st century heavily depends on how quickly you can adapt your technology stacks to keep up with changing operations and consumer demand with digitally transforming solutions. If you do not have access to the full range of capabilities that the E1 9.2 upgrade and World 9.4 upgrade offer, you will miss out on key new features, including.

OrchestratorCutting-edge automation can set your company apart and is an enhanced feature of this upgrade. Orchestrator allows E1 to automate business processes, as well as integrate data from various applications, filter it out, and perform actionable business processes. This functionality benefits your employees and customers by improving efficiency and reducing the data workload on your teams so they can focus on their areas of expertise.

UX One: The user experience is critical to implementing JD Edwards infrastructure with your company. UX One is designed to make this technology accessible and flexible to meet your needs.

UDO’s (User Defined Objects): Customization is a huge part of the most recent JD Edwards upgrades to E1 and World environments. Designing these functions in a way that suits your IT style will leave you less reliant on technical support services to accomplish meaningful tasks.

64-Bit Processing: Powerful servers are crucial technical considerations when you are dealing with lots of data and cross-implementation of business applications. 64-bit processing is now available when upgrading JD Edwards environments to support your company initiatives for faster data processing and application use.

JDE-Upgrade 400 x 225-minNew APIs: Simplifies the process of accessing AIS services in the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)

New Platform Certifications: Enables continued operations on the customer’s platform of choice

EnterpriseOne Mobile Enterprise Applications: New features and capabilities

Continual Industry Innovation: Enhance the functionality of more than 80+ modules.

Simplified JDE Upgrade Process: Reduce time & effort for updating customizations & testing applications

Support through 2035: Oracle Premier support is extended through at least 2034

If you want information on the latest release on EnterpriseOne, please visit JD Edwards Release 23 Tools Enhancements or JD Edwards Release 23 Application Enhancements.

These tools are an important piece of upgrading your platforms to keep up with the competition and reduce the need for technical support that slows you down. However, when you encounter issues with your EnterpriseOne or World environments, your first call should be to the GSI support team of managed services providers.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Upgrade Workshop

Learn How to Leverage the New Features in the Latest Releases

Release-2223-Upgrade-Workshop-400 x 225-min

Join us for a hands-on JD Edwards Release upgrade workshop where we will showcase all the new features in the latest releases.

The workshop will include demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises.

GSI Provides Crucial Support Before, During, and After Oracle JD Edwards Upgrades

Perhaps you feel that an upgrade puts too much on your plate, or there are more important tasks you need to focus on. Fortunately, GSI offers the necessary support solution with our managed services providers. How can you leverage this resource to propel your company forward?

Staff Augmentation

Businesses love the functionality of upgrading JD Edwards environments but may struggle with adapting to additional or upgraded functions. Our MSPs can act as additional staff to remove this stress from your shoulders.

The benefits of a JDE upgrade may take time to realize fully. There are applications to integrate, data points to migrate to the new system, and employees to train on new functionality. To avoid the high cost of hiring technical staff and losing time, MSPs can support your team and help with the efficient adoption of the updates.

On-call IT Support

Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait for tech support to fix an issue with your technology stack. Time is money, and you need to get operations back up and running immediately to continue serving customers effectively.

Our MSPs are available when you need support with your environment, especially when integrating new functionality and customizations. Your ability to grow depends on consistent processes and uninterrupted service, so let us support you with immediate IT assistance with your JDE upgrades.

Whether you need help integrating a Microsoft SQL server or have questions about new applications and their functionality within your environments, contact our MSPs for support. Don’t let a complex implementation process be the reason you delay upgrading to a system with improved processes that can boost productivity company-wide. Rely on GSI’s expertise to bridge that knowledge gap for your team.

JD Edwards Upgrade Methodology

As a JD Edwards implementation partner, GSI uses its proven and versatile project methodology called gSuccess, which is a 5-step JDE implementation methodology for upgrades that is structured to accommodate the diversity of requirements that can be encountered in each upgrade project. This proven methodology is designed to deliver optimal results while minimizing the risks, costs, and time associated with a project.

Ask JDE Implementation Experts a Question

JD Edwards Upgrades – Business Value Assessment

JDE E1 9.2 Upgrades & JDE World A9.4 Upgrades


As one of the most experienced JD Edwards upgrade providers, GSI offers a JDE Upgrade Business Value Assessment for a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Upgrade or a World A9.4 Upgrade to help you plan your upgrade accordingly.

JDE E1 9.2 upgrades and JDE World A9.4 upgrades, while they are necessary and beneficial to your business, can be difficult to justify with all the competing initiatives requiring IT resources, time, and budget. Let GSI assist you with developing your business case by conducting a Business Value Assessment (BVA). The BVA is an excellent tool to assess your current JDE system against current and future business needs to help balance the benefits with the cost to upgrade to 9.2. For more information, please visit.

Please visit JD Edward Upgrade Resources for more information on upgrading.

Why Choose US as Your JD Edwards Upgrade Partner?

  • 500+ EnterpriseOne Upgrades - GSI has successfully completed over 500+ upgrades to E1, including application, tools releases, integration, development, 3rd party tools, cloud, BPO and more.

  • 250+ Migrations to E1 - GSI has migrated over 250+ companies to E1 from many ERP systems, including World.

  • 24x7 Global Support - 24x7x365 global support for all your corporate locations with right-shoring resources to meet your needs!

  • Experience/Certifications - GSI staff averages 15+ years of JDE, industry & business experience. GSI is an Oracle Platinum Partner (CNC, Financials, Distribution, Validated Integration, Solaris), Cloud MSP and Cloud Standard.

  • GENISYS Performance Optimizer - GENISYS provides peace of mind by allowing you to successfully model (architect), measure (baseline) and maximize (load/stress/regression testing) your system before going live. 

  • 100% Signature Guarantee - All services are backed by GSI’s Signature 100% Guarantee.

GENISYS Performance Optimizer for Your JDE E1 9.2 Upgrade

GENISYS Performance Optimizer tool can help you identify and maintain optimum performance when you upgrade…as well as…design, validate or expand any JD Edwards system. Using, GENISYS, companies can successfully model, measure, and maximize system performance when and where they want including:

  • Running unlimited “what if” scenarios (business process infrastructure, application, configurations, expansion of system, etc.)
  • How to periodically measure & optimize system performance of existing system (business processes, applications, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Analyze/test system changes before moving to production (business processes, applications, infrastructure

How GSI Can Help

We have a dedicated team with 15+ years of JD Edwards, industry, and business experience. Our team has the expertise to assess, design, and implement a security or compliance strategy to meet business requirements. We are an Oracle Platinum Partner with specializations in CNC, Financials, Distribution, Validated Integration, Solaris, Cloud Standard and Cloud MSP

All of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Services are backed by our signature 100% guarantee. 

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