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    Charging Ahead: How E-Bike Manufacturer
    Super73 Revamped Operations with NetSuite

    About the Client

    SUPER73® is an American lifestyle adventure brand based in
    Orange County, California that develops products to help fuse
    motorcycle heritage with youth culture. Specializing in electric
    bikes, they are known for seamlessly blending form and function
    in their product and brand experiences that sets them apart
    from the competition. Since their founding in 2016, SUPER73 has
    quickly grown into one of the most recognizable electric vehicle
    brands in the world with a passionate customer base including
    A-list celebrities, professional athletes, and many more. In 2022,
    they were included in Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative
    Companies in Branding, ranking among the likes of global
    brands like Chipotle, Wendy’s, FTX, and more.
    Since their inclusion on the Fast Company list, SUPER73 HAS
    introduced a number of highly innovative, game-changing
    products in an effort to consolidate new market segments and
    incorporate community feedback.

    Challenges the Client Faced

    With growth comes more complexities — that’s what SUPER73’s
    executive team quickly realized at the beginning of 2023. They could no longer rely on QuickBooks to run their operations and needed an integrated solution that could bring all their different platforms under one umbrella. Prior to implementing NetSuite, SUPER73 had been using several disconnected applications for each function: sales, warehousing, accounting, and so on. Sowmik Sengupta, the Director of ERP at SUPER73, said that in their pursuit of a "connected environment," they turned to NetSuite, recognizing that it offered the ideal "enterprise architecture" to cater to their company's evolving demands.

    GSI's Solution

    The SUPER73 team went live with their NetSuite implementation in April 2023, starting with the Wholesale Distribution module as well as the OneWorld license, the latter of which allows them to roll out their NetSuite instance across their subsidiaries in UK and Europe. With the help of Celigo, they were able to connect NetSuite to their sales, e-commerce, and warehouse channels, in addition to their payment processing network and bank.

    The results speak for themselves, as per Sengupta.

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