GENISYS Performance Optimizer

How to Identify & Maintain Optimum Performance

Are Your Business Systems Agile or Have They Become Fragile?  GENISYS Performance Maximizer tool can help you identify and maintain optimum performance…as well as…design, validate or expand any JD Edwards, NetSuite or web-based business critical system! Using, GENISYS, companies can successfully model, measure and maximize system performance when and where they want including:


  • Running unlimited “what if” scenarios (business process infrastructure,
    application, configurations, expansion of system, etc.)
  • How to periodically measure & optimize system performance of existing system (business processes, applications, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Analyze/test system changes before moving to production (business processes, applications, infrastructure)


GENISYS enables you to make the right decisions with regards to architecture layout, hardware sizing, and scale by simulating anticipated user loads and user roles. This means there is no more guessing or relying solely on hardware vendors, who sell hardware for a living, to size your system. GENISYS will deliver meaningful statistics, graphs, and recommendations so you can accurately size your system for just your needs!

Recommended for clients that want to architect a new system or design one from scratch.


How does my JD Edwards EnterpriseOne  or NetSuite system measure up to other similar systems and industry best practices? Have you ever asked this question before? If so, you are the perfect candidate for GENISYS! It starts by taking a snapshot of your system’s current state (baseline). This baseline is then compared to “best practices” and GSI’s own database of statistics from similar systems. Once the measurements are captured and analyzed, you will be presented with a report detailing recommendations for delivering pinnacle performance utilizing the current architecture. We’ll provide recommendations for optimal performance.