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JD Edwards Project Recovery Services

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Is your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World project over budget, behind schedule and with no end in sight? Is the project negatively impacting your operations and spiraling out of control? As an Oracle Platinum Partner specializing in JD Edwards and other enterprise solutions, GSI provides project management, business, technical and development services to help mitigate your risks and get your project on track.  Our Project Recovery staff averages 20+ years of JD Edwards, industry and business experience and are uniquely qualified to identify and implement a corrective action plan for your JD Edwards project.
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Discovery 1

  Discovery/Business Value Assessment Document

A comprehensive review of the organization’s current state. The review can be of technology, software, or business process, which are compared to industry best business practices. From that comparison, a detailed list of findings and suggestions for improvement will be provided to you.

Potential Project Issues

  • Project management issues
    • Straying from vision – Not achieving benefits
    • Behind schedule
    • Budget Overruns
    • Major scope creep
    • Milestones/goals not met
  • System performance as well as other technical issues
  • Number of Customizations
  • Resistance to change – employees
  • Unhappy users and/or customers
  • Conflicting internal priorities
  • Project resources not fully allocated
  • Implementation partner oversold capabilities, lack of expertise, etc.
  • Major resources leave project 
  • And more

 Project Tasks

Project Tasks 4

Project Tasks Document
A listing of project tasks by phase and functional area of the work (tasks) to be completed, which includes information from the project plan as well as any new tasks identified out of the issues log.

Project Recovery Services

  • Evaluation of Project Baseline – structure, change management, governance, scope, resources, schedule, risks, quality & deliverables
  • Develop appropriate preventative and corrective action plans
  • Provide comprehensive project recovery plan
  • Provide trace-ability – what is expected vs. what is completed
  • Implement plan utilizing a structured project governance methodology

GAP Analysis

GAP Analysis 4

GAP Analysis Document
The Gap Analysis is used to evaluate the current usage of application and business practice, compared to need, business best practices & application functionality. The gap identifies an opportunity.

Project Timeline

Timeline 4

Project Timeline Document
A high-level display showing key tasks to be accomplished within each phase of the project. It provides a b understanding of what is expected to be accomplished within each phase of the project recovery plan. The timeline is further supported by a detailed project plan.

Project Recovery Status Update

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 Project Recovery Status Update Document
A summary of key indicators for the status of the project recovery project. Typical indicators focus on risk, budget, time, etc. Our status includes items such as culture and communication getting into “soft” areas that can adversely affect a project.

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