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Is NetSuite Right for My Buisness?


As the pace of business continues to increase, your business needs a stable set of applications to ensure you can make mission-critical decisions quickly and efficiently. NetSuite is engineered to scale with your business as you grow, and this means that you can continue to focus on your goals and react to market changes with confidence.

As one of the premier Oracle NetSuite Partners, GSI provides a comprehensive suite of services to rapidly and seamlessly incorporate the new adaptive features of NetSuite™ core and advanced modules, OpenAir, and SuiteApp partner modules and integration services to quickly extend the enterprise. GSI is uniquely qualified to meet your project and ongoing support needs, with over 15+ years industry experience as well as being a NetSuite SuiteSuccess Authorized Partner, NetSuite Solution Provider, Oracle Platinum Partner and NetSuite Reseller.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner with a staff of over 100 industry professionals, GSI, Inc. specializes in providing a broad range of business and technical consulting services for NetSuite, as well as other enterprise applications. Many of GSI’s staff have advanced degrees, certifications (functional and technical) and professional certifications (CPIM, APICS, CPA, PMP/ITIL, VMware, Oracle RAC, IBM iSeries, etc.) that help to ensure optimal results for each project. All GSI services are backed by a 100% guarantee.

The professional NetSuite ERP consultants at GSI have experience working with companies just like yours to optimize their NetSuite solutions for everything from advanced financials, supply chain management, and even billing systems. This means that our NetSuite services will address your unique needs and help you build an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help your business grow today!

Integrated NetSuite Solutions For Business Solutions

In response to the demands of the business leaders to improve the way their new ideas are provided to their customers and prospects, we offer service offerings that would allow your company to quickly deploy and integrate the unique capabilities of NetSuite in your organization.

No matter your business goals, our NetSuite service professionals will partner with you whether you are looking to implement a new ERP system, or considering a two-tiered system approach to work hand in hand with the current Enterprise Resource Planning system, while being able to provide ROI instantaneously.

We partner with your business to help you personalize, modify, and implement NetSuite based on your needs. Since NetSuite is a robust business management software, we know that configurations and options are needed to modify workflows, forms, and processes based on the needs of your business.

Netsuite Services Highlights

  • Implementations

  • Expansion – Acquisitions, Subsidiaries, etc.

  • Add-On Applications (CRM – Customer Relationship Management, Fixed Assets, Revenue Recognition, SuitePeople, etc.)

  • Customizations, Integrations, Middleware, etc.

  • SuiteApp and other 3rd Party Tools

  • Project Recovery Services

  • Business Process Assessments/Redesign Services

  • Organizational Change, Improvements, End User Training

  • Health Checks

  • User/Security Setup & Management

  • Workflows

  • System Regression Testing

  • Data Preparation/Conversions

  • End User Application Support

  • Help Desk

  • User/Security Administration

  • Systems Support

  • Development/Customization/3rd Party Tools Support

  • Data Management

  • Audit / Compliance Support

  • 3rd Party Customer Resource Management (CRM) Integration – Salesforce, etc.

  • Dashboards/Reports

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          NetSuite Consulting/Implementation Services

          As one of the leading NetSuite implementation partners with over 15 years of experience working with businesses just like yours, GSI experts have the knowledge and certifications you need to ensure that your Oracle project is completed to your expectations. While the system is powerful and intuitive system, NetSuite ERP implementations are complex and your business may find that a lack of knowledge to implement, optimize, and integrate the capabilities and settings of the system into your business operations can hinder your ability to grow.

          No matter where your business development process is, GSI is here to address all of your needs through our NetSuite ERP implementation services. Each project we take on comes with a 100% guarantee, and we assign the professionals and resources you need to achieve your goals. Our consultants offer remarkable service, and the numerous certifications they have is more than enough to support your organization.

          • Projects Implementations
          • Company Expansion – Acquisitions, Subsidiaries, etc.
          • Add-On Applications (CRM, Fixed Assets, Revenue Recognition, SuitePeople, etc.)
          • Custom Development, Integrations, Middle-ware, etc.
          • SuiteApp & 3rd Party Tools
          • Project Recovery
          • Business Process Assessments & Redesign
          • Organizational Change, Improvements & End User Training
          • System Health Checks
          • User/Security Setup & Management
          • Dashboards, Reports, Workflows, etc.
          • System Regression/Load Testing
          • Data Preparation & Conversions
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          NetSuite Managed Services With SuiteCare

          Our experienced and knowledgeable ERP experts know that your business has unique needs, and over the past 15+ years of working with companies just like yours, we have come to understand that you need solutions to meet your specific needs. From this experience, GSI has developed a comprehensive set of Managed Service offerings called SuiteCare.

          As a trusted partner, our SuiteCare Managed Service Plans provide unmatched coverage and customizations for all aspects of your business from support area, coverage window, and instant customer support on all of our service plans! This means that you will have the peace of mind and access to our professionals at all times!

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          NetSuite Project Recovery Services

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          If your project is running over budget or outside of the projected completion window, then you know the stress this can cause on your entire company. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, our ERP professionals at GSI know how to work with your company to get your project back on track.

          GSI will partner with you to provide consultants who have advanced ERP experience, along with the needed business and industry expertise to align your project goals and timeline. Our holistic approach to NetSuite ERP project recovery means that we will help you identify problems and implement corrective action so your business can get back on track today!

          NetSuite Business Value Assessment

          The success of your business operations depends on your company’s ability to utilize your ERP systems across your entire company fully. GSI will partner with you to help your C-level and IT executives conduct a complete review of your business needs to ensure that your business management software is helping your business grow and not hindering your success.

          Our NetSuite ERP experts have worked with hundreds of organizations just like yours of all sizes and across different industries. We will partner with you to provide a comprehensive business review to help you understand your company’s current business situation, market conditions, and growth plan. Our professional