ServiceNow Services Overview

iStock 498688500 2Companies around the world integrate ServiceNow for quality testing, issue tracking, and build version controls for various operational systems. As a result, organizations enjoy more efficient processes to address customer issues and help align common goals across the entire company.

As your business continues to grow, you will need substantial support for all of your service management needs. Everything from problem management, change management, and incident management is only the beginning of real business value, including:

  • IT Service Management
  • Finance Service Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Field Service Management
  • Facilities Service Management
  • HR Service Management
  • Marketing Service Management
  • Security Operations
  • Legal Service Management

We can help you get the most out of your ServiceNow platform and other technologies that you are currently implementing to ensure your business maximizes revenue while minimizing downtime.

Whether you are looking to implement ServiceNow for the first time, upgrade to the latest version, manage and existing instance, or add functionality, GSI can help you achieve your goals and more, providing expert services in the ServiceNow platform space as a ServiceNow partner.

ServiceNow is more than a world class IT Management System; it also provides a solid development platform which lets you build your organization’s other processes and applications. Platform features such as approvals, email notifications, and extensive integration points allows your resources to devote more time building the core application and less time building the plumbing.

ServiceNow was founded on a very simple idea: that work should be easier. This means that getting simple stuff done should not be hard and anything complex should be manageable. ServiceNow started with IT—creating a System of Action to streamline and automate unstructured work, eliminating the back and forth emails, phone calls, and manual processes that waste time, money, and sap productivity.

ServiceNow solutions include:

Service Management
• Incident
• Problem
• Change
• Release

Asset Management
• Asset
• License
• Contract
• Configuration
• Discovery

Governance & Financial Management
• Compliance
• Financial Management
• Project & Portfolio Management
• Location Management
• Time, Expense, Resource Management

Customer Service
• Service Catalog
• Self-Service Portal
• Content Management System

Other Specialties
• Non-IT Applications
• Custom App Development
• Integration

How Does GSI Help Your Company?

ServiceNow is an enterprise application that offers a full offer of solutions to automate IT and business operations. ServiceNow is a SaaS business model that uses a web-based interface that can be configured through a variety of workflows.

We take an integrated approach to ensure the core capabilities of ServiceNow are harnessed, no matter your industry or applications. Our valued clients appreciate our detailed plan to set up and optimizing their systems to help each client enjoy greater value and increased business impact at each step of the process.

ServiceNow is an excellent platform for any organization, but the truth is that you will receive increased value when you work with us at GSI. Our LEAN approach to ServiceNow Services ensure that your company will reduce upfront costs on resources and time, and our agile development process will help your company reach automation in multiple areas, including:

  • Incident Management: One of the most critical parts of the Service Operation lifecycle is with Incident Management. Our team will work with you at a high level through eight process activities to make sure your platform is working at each step.
  • Change Management: This step of a process lifecycle clearly defines the review, submit, and approval schedule for IT changes. This process is used to minimize the impact on individual IT personnel to avoid conflict between your different IT services.

Problem Management: ServiceNow offers innovative solutions with Problem Management to prevent incidents from happening that can hurt your business operations. We will help your team create processes to identify trends of future problems so you can minimize downtime and maximize revenue!

ServiceNow Asset Management

Asset management can be overwhelming because of the scope and detail needed at each facet of your business. While it can be overwhelming, it is vital that your company has a comprehensive system to track and maintain your assets if you want to know where your assets are located and the costs of your assets so you can reduce waste and maximize efficiency.

Companies that manage their own asset management typically find that management programs are implemented further down the roadmap than is usually appropriate. ServiceNow is an excellent solution for company asset management needs because it has full capabilities and is straightforward to implement.

ServiceNow is a robust asset management platform because it includes the ability to manage hardware and software assets throughout an entire ecosystem. As a result, your organization will have an automated way to track hardware, licenses, and other assets in each area of your business!

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Many customers struggle with customer care and support across different systems, which can result in higher costs and complicated operations. ServiceNow offers a closed-loop system to improve visibility and control over customer service operations.

Our ServiceNow experts can help your company whether you are a startup or Fortune 500 company with complex IT needs. We will help you optimize your ServiceNow systems to improve your entire business work smoothly across various channels and tools.

ServiceNow Migration Services

ServiceNow is one of the most popular ITSM tools on the market, and many enterprise businesses want to migrate from their current system to this innovative solution. However, migrating between ServiceNow needs to be a thought-out and methodology.

GSI IT Service Management allows your organization to enjoy the end-to-end transformation of your IT infrastructure. Our proven ITSM services will help you migrate between your current platform to ServiceNow so you can scale your business quickly and as efficiently as possible!

ServiceNow makes all work functions easier for your company’s employees and the leadership team. Instead of struggling with old manual processes, you can integrate ServiceNow into your company’s workflow. The means that you can enhance customer service and help your employees get the information they need to keep your business moving forward.

Our consultants are ready to help you reach your goals and implement ServiceNow to have the most significant impact on your bottom line. Our ServiceNow Products range from addressing incident management, benchmarks, and even asset & cost management. Our I.T. management tools can help you solve all of your company’s needs to keep costs low and maximize efficiencies in all business units.

To find out more about GSI’s services for ServiceNow or any of GSI’s other products or services, call us at 855-GSI-4ERP or click on CONTACT US to send us a request for more information.