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NetSuite Integration Services

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Welcome to GSI, your trusted partner for NetSuite integrations that optimize business operations, boost efficiency, and foster growth. We specialize in delivering NetSuite integration services, leveraging our deep knowledge with NetSuite SuiteCloud, NetSuite Connector, NetSuite SuiteApp, iPaaS platforms, custom integrations, EDI solutions, and beyond.

G2 has distinguished GSI as the leading NetSuite partner, making us your ideal choice for NetSuite integrations, where your project is guaranteed success through our expertise and reliability.


Exploring Your NetSuite Integration Options: What Are Your Choices?

SuiteCloud, SuiteConnector, SuiteApp, iPaaS, Custom, EDI and more

NetSuite provides versatile integration options such as SuiteCloud, SuiteConnector, SuiteApp, etc., which enable businesses to automate processes, enhance data accuracy, and integrate seamlessly with external systems to optimize operations and drive informed decision-making.


NetSuite SuiteCloud empowers businesses to customize, integrate, and extend NetSuite's capabilities. It supports a wide array of integration technologies, including REST & SOAP web services, REST endpoints, CSV file imports, and ODBC/JDBC connections. It includes tools like SuiteBuilder (customizing workflows), SuiteScript (scripting), SuiteTalk (integration), and SuiteFlow (process automation). SuiteCloud enables businesses to adapt NetSuite to their needs, enhancing efficiency & productivity while leveraging the scalability and security of NetSuite.


NetSuite SuiteConnector is a specialized integration tool that connects NetSuite with external applications like CRM systems (HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.) and eCommerce (Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, etc.) platforms. It simplifies data synchronization and automates workflows, improving efficiency and decision-making across the organization.



NetSuite SuiteApp is a collection of pre-built applications developed by NetSuite partners to enhance and extend the functionality of the NetSuite ERP platform. These apps are tailored for specific business needs such as finance, CRM, HR, inventory management, etc. providing ready-to-use solutions that seamlessly integrate with NetSuite. Some examples include Paystand, Versapay, Avalara, Celigo, RF-Smart, Boomi, SPS Commerce, and many more. 

iPaaS Integration

Integrating NetSuite with various iPaaS platforms enables efficient data synchronization and automation across ERP and other business systems. iPaaS solutions like Celigo, Dell Boomi, and MuleSoft provide pre-built connectors for seamless integration, enhancing data flow and operational agility for businesses across different environments.

Custom Integrations

NetSuite custom integrations involve tailoring connections between NetSuite's ERP system and other applications via APIs like SuiteScript and SuiteTalk. These integrations automate business processes, synchronize data across systems for efficiency, and enhance scalability by streamlining operations and ensuring data accuracy, all while adhering to security standards.

EDI Integrations

NetSuite EDI integrations automate the exchange of business documents like orders and invoices between NetSuite and external partners using standardized electronic formats. These integrations reduce manual processing, minimize errors, and improve efficiency in procurement, fulfillment, and financial transactions. 

Hear What Our Client Are Saying about our NetSuite Integrations


The manufacturer is also using the ERP developer’s SuiteCare program for ongoing integration and continuous improvement support, plus Avalara’s tax software for seamless tax management.

Melissa Smith, Office Manager



With NetSuite and GSI's capabilities, they were able to set up automated processes like daily inventory valuation reports delivered to the sales reps at 6:30 in the morning. It's automatic, and
it's accurate, as it's just one of those things that NetSuite allows you to do.

Matthew Modro, Finance Manager


By introducing a WMS with RF Smart, SD Retailers observed the immediate impact it had on their ordering, inventory management, and labor productivity.
Gerardo Mejia, Operations Manager


With the help of Celigo AND GSI, they were able to connect NetSuite to their sales, ecommerce, and warehouse channels, in addition to their payment processing network and bank. 
Sowmik Sengupta, Director of ERP


“Our previous implementation team included good programmers, but there may have been a loss of understanding around general accounting and billing practices,” Adams explained. “As a result, we wound up having to plug a lot of ‘holes’ in the system; the cost and customizations just blew up.” 

Dehlia Adams, Chief Operating Officer

Why Choose GSI for Your NetSuite Integration Services Provider?

At GSI, we understand that every business is unique, which is why our NetSuite integration services are customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking to integrate NetSuite with your CRM, eCommerce platform, or third-party applications, our team of certified NetSuite consultants is here to help.

Expertise and Experience


GSI, Inc. brings extensive expertise and years of experience in NetSuite integration services. Our team of certified professionals ensures that your integration project is handled with proficiency and precision.

#1 rated NetSuite partner by G2


GSI has consistently been rated the #1 NetSuite partner by G2. 

100% Signature Guarantee


All of GSI's services are backed by our Signature 100% Guarantee.

Dedicated Support


Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial implementation. GSI, Inc. offers dedicated support and maintenance services to ensure ongoing success and optimal performance of your NetSuite integrations.

Innovative Solutions


GSI, Inc. stays at the forefront of technology trends and innovations in NetSuite integration with SuiteCloud, SuiteConnector, pre-build integrations, third-party connectors, custom integrations, EDI, and more.

Industry Knowledge


Our team possesses deep industry knowledge across various sectors. This allows us to understand your industry-specific challenges and requirements, enabling us to deliver tailored NetSuite integrations that address your unique needs.

Ready to Start?

Transform your business operations with GSI's expert NetSuite solution. Schedule a free consultation with a NetSuite ERP implementation partner today to see how to implement NetSuite to best meet your specific business objectives. 



If you've completed NetSuite implementation but find yourself in need of additional support, configurations, training, or customizations, rest assured that GSI has got your back.  

Our SuiteCare team is comprised of consultants with years of consulting, business, and NetSuite implementation experience, far surpassing that of a traditional support team. 

While a standard support team might implement industry-leading practices, our NetSuite consulting services go above and beyond, always ready to offer tailored recommendations and solutions. This means less time spent transferring knowledge when speaking to a new support representative and more time improving NetSuite performance and ROI.  

As your NetSuite consulting partner, we can help with the following objectives:

  • Implementing eCommerce Applications 
  • Creating workflows and process mapping 
  • Developing custom KPI 
  • SuiteCommerce Advanced 
  • Creating JavaScript and reports 
  • Designing portals 
  • Customizing NetSuite Dashboards 
  • NetSuite Advanced Modules