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    GSI, Inc. - Your Official NetSuite Reseller & Partner

    GSI is a premier NetSuite reseller, alliance partner, and solution provider known for its expertise with Oracle NetSuite implementations, integrations, customizations, and support services. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with our clients to tailor solutions to drive optimal performance for their business.

    With our proven track record and comprehensive understanding of NetSuite's capabilities, GSI is your trusted ally in navigating the cloud-ERP landscape and empowering businesses to succeed.

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    Why Partner with GSI, Inc.?

    A Legacy of Excellence in NetSuite Licensing  

    As an Oracle Platinum Partner and authorized reseller of Oracle NetSuite, GSI is ready to help you harness the vast capabilities of its applications for finance, supply chain, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, professional services, ecommerce, and more.

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    #1 Ranked NetSuite Solution Provider by G2 
    22+ US-based Certified NetSuite Consultants 
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    Implementing NetSuite since 2012  
    Offshore development capabilities in Argentina, India and Ukraine

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    Why Choose NetSuite?


    Understanding Your NetSuite Options

     NetSuite's licensing cost begins with the concept of a “suite". The type of suite you will need to license is formulated by the type of features you may want to deploy and the size of your organization. 

    For instance, in terms of the capacity required to be used within NetSuite; NetSuite categorizes these into three “levels” of Suites. These suites are NetSuite Limited/Starter Edition, NetSuite Mid-Market/Standard Edition, and NetSuite Enterprise/Premium Edition. 

    As your company expands, you simply acclimate your NetSuite subscription to meet your requirements; the transition is flawless. With NetSuite licensing, you never have to get anxious about a system migration once you've outperformed your current edition; you can simply just modify your licensing model. 

    Limited/Starter Edition

    NetSuite licensing is ideal for business organizations that are running a single legal entity and are looking to transition from a point solution like QuickBooks. Businesses with not more than ten user licenses and less than 50 employees can make the most of Limited Edition to grow and scale with automated financial reporting, integrated CRM, and more. 

    Mid-Market/Standard Edition

     This Mid-Market edition under NetSuite licensing is the right fit for companies that require more than ten users. Businesses with two or more legal entities may find additional value in utilizing Subsidiary Management to simplify operations when offered. This edition offers the ability to perform consolidated financial reports across multiple locations, forecast sales and demand, and improve procure-to-pay cycles with use of native modules and activated extras.  

    Enterprise/Premium Edition

    This edition is designed for companies with more than 30 unique users. Each version of this edition will contain a premium package of NetSuite’s most tailored offerings, designed to align with each industry. Businesses should expect the most robust financial, sales, demand, inventory, and revenue reporting with this edition. 



    “GSI understood our unique challenges, and based on that, they came up with a solution that was far more comprehensive and detailed than their competitors.”  

    Sowmik Sengupta, Director of ERP, SUPER73 


    “When I had my first call, I knew the decision to go with GSI was the best thing that could have happened for us.” 

    Greg Strzegowski, Director of Accounting & Finance, Simpay 


    GSI was the only partner that said they could handle our complex accounting and contextual business reporting needs, including incorporating our parent company’s chart of accounts. They delivered on all fronts.” 
    Josh Rosenzweig, CFO/COO Hourglass



    “We would definitely recommend GSI as an implementation partner for companies that are trying to achieve goals similar to ours, and we would definitely trust them to handle our future projects.”  

    Melissa Smith, Office Manager Smithbilt Industries 


    Understanding Your NetSuite Options

    Maximize Cost Savings and Discounts

    Benefit from lower rates with expert resources as a partner negotiates the best deals on your behalf, ensures you get the same discounts as buying direct from NetSuite, avoids overselling unnecessary software, & explores 3rd party options if they better suit your needs.

    Expert Guidance and Support

    Licensed resellers are well-versed in NetSuite products and can provide expert advice on selecting the right modules and configurations tailored to your specific business needs. They offer ongoing support, helping with implementation, customization, and troubleshooting.

    Faster Implementation

    Resellers have experience with numerous implementations across various industries. Their expertise can lead to a quicker, smoother implementation process, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

    Customization and Integration

    Licensed resellers can customize NetSuite to fit your unique business processes and integrate it with other software systems you use. This ensures a seamless workflow and maximizes the benefits of your NetSuite deployment.

    Ongoing Relationship and Updates

    A relationship with a reseller can provide continuous benefits, including regular updates on new features, best practices, and industry trends. Resellers often offer proactive support to ensure your system evolves with your business needs.

    NetSuite Modules 

    Financial Management

    NetSuite Financial Management Modules offer a wide range of tools to elevate financial operations, such as advanced budgeting, expense allocation, and statistical accounts through Advanced Financials; efficient invoice and billing management with SuiteBilling; accurate revenue forecasting and compliance with Revenue Management; and simplified invoice-to-pay processes with AP Automation and Bill Capture. Planning & Budgeting facilitates company-wide financial planning, while Account Reconciliation and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) automate and standardize reconciliation and reporting. Multi-Book Accounting allows for transaction posting across multiple books, and OneWorld oversees global operations to ensure local compliance. Additional modules like Dunning Letters for receivables collection, Fixed Assets Management for asset tracking, and Electronic Bank Payments for secure funds transfer, collectively boost efficiency, precision, and regulatory compliance.

    Inventory and Order Management


    NetSuite's Inventory and Order Management solutions help businesses manage their inventory and orders more efficiently, providing advanced features. From inventory replenishment based on demand to managing inventory across multiple locations, organizing items into a matrix, and tracking lot, bin, and serialized inventory through Advanced Inventory Management, our solutions offer a comprehensive set of tools. With NetSuite Smart Count automating inventory counts, accuracy is improved, and operations are streamlined. Advanced Order Management transforms how orders are handled, ensuring promises are kept, allocations are managed, and execution is seamless. Grid Order Management simplifies the process of managing SKUs with multiple attributes, enhancing the overall efficiency of inventory and order management.

    Supply Chain

    The NetSuite Supply Chain Suite is transforming supply chain management with its NetSuite Procurement module, simplifying engagements and negotiations with suppliers to enhance cash flow. Its Warehouse Management System modernizes operations with features like shelf-life tracking and barcode scanning, all mobile-friendly. NetSuite Ship Central boosts packing and shipping, while Demand Planning uses historical data to forecast sales accurately, improving inventory. Quality Management, Work in Process (WIP), and Routings, along with Work Orders and Assemblies, streamline product testing, manufacturing, and assembly processes. Advanced Manufacturing ties these elements together, optimizing supply chain management, cutting costs, and increasing revenue through strategic data analysis and resource management.


    NetSuite Commerce Modules offer a wide range of capabilities to empower businesses in the online marketplace. SuiteCommerce provides a user-friendly ecommerce solution that seamlessly integrates with NetSuite's finance, order and inventory management, and CRM features. It caters to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, offering intuitive tools for site-building and management. SuiteCommerce Advanced gives developers the flexibility and control they need for seamless integration with NetSuite’s modules. SuiteCommerce InStore transforms the in-store experience with a mobile-friendly point-of-sale system and instant access to inventory and customer data. SuiteCommerce MyAccount enables corporate purchasers to efficiently manage their online activities. The NetSuite Connector streamlines data flow between NetSuite and various ecommerce platforms, point-of-sale systems, online markets, and logistics services, ensuring a smooth and efficient digital commerce operation.

    Professional Services Automation

    The Professional Services Automation Modules from NetSuite, including SuiteProjects, Project Management, and OpenAir, provide comprehensive solutions for effectively managing professional services. With SuiteProjects seamlessly integrated with NetSuite, you have strong support for managing projects, tracking job costs accurately, and efficiently allocating resources. NetSuite’s Project Management tool enables users to create and oversee project timelines, delegate tasks, manage project invoicing, track revenue, and analyze profitability. For larger service organizations handling complex projects, NetSuite OpenAir is the ideal choice, offering instant insights and access to essential features like time tracking, detailed project management reports, customizable dashboards, efficient resource and expense management, and streamlined invoicing processes.

    Field Service Management

    NetSuite's Field Service Management simplifies operations by seamlessly connecting on-field activities with back-office processes. This solution effortlessly handles scheduling and dispatching, matching technicians with their tasks. It automates tracking customer assets and managing inventory to minimize errors and improve accuracy. Real-time data access enhances decision-making with detailed reports and analytics, highlighting performance metrics and growth opportunities. Ultimately, it enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring timely updates and efficient service requests handling.

    Human Resources

    NetSuite's Human Resources Modules enhance HR processes with a comprehensive set of tools tailored for managing employees effectively. NetSuite Payroll simplifies the payment process, tracks time and attendance efficiently, and handles deductions and taxes with precision, meeting the unique needs of employees in various states. NetSuite SuitePeople HR acts as the central hub for employee information, integrating HR insights with payroll and financial data to provide real-time analytics. SuitePeople Performance Management enhances the employee appraisal process with strong goal-setting and recognition features. SuitePeople Workforce Management offers a holistic approach to managing shift schedules, tracking time and attendance, and accurately calculating wages.

    Business Intelligence

    NetSuite's Business Intelligence Modules are a powerful tool for instant analytics and insightful reporting, helping companies navigate their data-driven journey. SuiteAnalytics stands out by providing customized dashboards, detailed reports, and essential key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and analyze your business's health. SuiteAnalytics Connect goes a step further by connecting with external data sources, offering advanced querying capabilities to enhance your data landscape. Together, these advanced tools provide a comprehensive view of your company's financial, operational, and strategic aspects, enabling a deep dive into data analytics, improving forecasting accuracy, and enhancing business intelligence insights. This cohesive business intelligence approach propels organizations forward, optimizing performance, streamlining operations, and paving the way for achieving ambitious goals.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    NetSuite's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Modules offer a wide range of tools to efficiently manage customer relationships. The CRM system includes features such as marketing automation, interaction history, customer service, sales tracking, and partner performance tracking. Moreover, the platform facilitates quoting, order management, sales forecasting, and seamless ecommerce integration. By utilizing NetSuite Contract Renewals for automated renewals and NetSuite Incentive Compensation for streamlined commission and incentive plan management, your sales team can focus on achieving targets and maximizing profits. Additionally, NetSuite CPQ empowers sales teams to accurately configure, price, and quote complex products, leading to reduced manufacturing costs and improved operational efficiency through detailed bills of materials and routing instructions.


    Industry Specific Solutions to Streamline Your NetSuite Implementation

    SuiteSuccess by NetSuite is a comprehensive deployment strategy designed to provide fast, customized solutions for enterprises utilizing NetSuite's cloud ERP platform. This approach combines industry-specific insights with pre-configured settings, empowering businesses to implement quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruptions while maximizing results. By incorporating industry best practices, role-specific features, and a detailed launch plan, companies can easily access NetSuite's robust tools for financial management, supply chain optimization, customer engagement, and more. SuiteSuccess serves as the catalyst for streamlining operations, improving performance, and supporting growth with tailored, industry-specific solutions that address the unique needs of each business.

    NetSuite SuiteSuccess Manufacturing-min

    Starter Edition


    NetSuite's Starter SuiteSuccess Edition is tailored for small and fast-growing companies, offering a quick-to-implement ERP solution with essential capabilities. This streamlined edition comes with ready-to-use workflows, KPIs, and dashboards for key business processes like financials, order management, and inventory. Designed for swift deployment and scalability, it helps businesses quickly improve operations, gain insight into performance, and build a foundation for growth.

    Financial First Edition

    NetSuite's Financials First SuiteSuccess Edition is designed for organizations aiming to enhance their financial management. It offers fast deployment of comprehensive financial tools such as general ledger, accounts receivable/payable, tax management, and reporting. With pre-set workflows, KPIs, and dashboards, it streamlines financial operations and boosts financial visibility. By adopting industry best practices, it promotes quick implementation, improving financial accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. This scalable, integrated solution supports financial health and growth.

    Manufacturing Edition


    NetSuite SuiteSuccess Manufacturing Edition streamlines manufacturing business needs, combining industry expertise with pre-built workflows, KPIs, and dashboards for efficient production, inventory, and shop floor management. Supporting both discrete and process manufacturing, it includes quality, compliance tools, and real-time operations insights. With best practices and agile implementation, it enables quick optimization, boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and fostering growth via a scalable, ERP solution.

    Wholesale Distribution


    NetSuite SuiteSuccess Wholesale Distribution Edition streamlines wholesale distribution by integrating best practices, workflows, KPIs, and dashboards for improved inventory, order, procurement, and demand planning. It boosts supply chain visibility, customer service, and warehouse efficiency. Leveraging NetSuite's ERP for phased, efficient deployment, it enables quick operational enhancements, cost reductions, and scalable growth.

    Retail Edition

    NetSuite SuiteSuccess Retail Edition offers a tailored, omnichannel solution for the retail sector, merging ecommerce, POS, and order management into a unified system. It features ready-to-use workflows, KPIs, and dashboards designed for retail, facilitating instant inventory tracking, sophisticated CRM, and in-depth sales insights. Supporting both B2B and B2C, it boosts customer engagement, streamlines operations, and enhances supply chain effectiveness. Its quick deployment and industry-specific practices enable retailers to quickly see a return on investment and drive continuous growth.

    Professional Services Edition


    NetSuite SuiteSuccess Professional Services Edition is a tailored, cloud-based ERP solution for professional services firms, offering tools for project management, resource allocation, and billing. With pre-configured workflows, KPIs, and dashboards, it streamlines operations and boosts project visibility. Leveraging best practices and agile implementation, it ensures quick deployment and optimization, enhancing project delivery, resource use, financial performance, and client satisfaction.

    Food and Beverage Edition


    The NetSuite Food and Beverage SuiteSuccess Edition is designed to meet the unique needs of the industry, incorporating industry best practices, workflows, KPIs, and dashboards to streamline inventory, production, quality control, and compliance. By leveraging real-time data and analytics, it enables businesses to improve supply chain efficiency, product quality, and regulatory compliance. Its quick implementation also helps boost operational efficiency, visibility, and growth in a competitive market.

    Health and Beauty Edition

    NetSuite SuiteSuccess Health and Beauty Edition is a targeted solution for health and beauty businesses, offering a complete toolkit for managing inventory, order processing, customer relationships, and ecommerce. With pre-configured workflows, KPIs, and dashboards designed for the industry's specific needs, it ensures efficient multi-channel sales, product variation management, and compliance. Utilizing best practices and quick implementation, it streamlines operations, boosts customer engagement, and promotes growth in a competitive market.

    Nonprofit Edition

    NetSuite SuiteSuccess Nonprofit Edition tailors to nonprofits, integrating essential tools like financial and donor management with compliance features. It offers streamlined workflows, KPIs, and dashboards for better transparency and efficiency. Leveraging best practices and real-time data, it boosts fundraising, grant management, and impact demonstration, all while ensuring rapid deployment for quick operational gains, letting organizations focus on growth and mission-driven work.

    Software, Apparel, Agency, Healthcare, and Media

    NetSuite SuiteSuccess offers tailored editions for Software, Apparel, Agency, Healthcare, and Media sectors, streamlining operations from subscription billing in Software to inventory management in Apparel, project and client billing in Agency, patient and financial compliance in Healthcare, to campaign analytics in Media. Quick to implement, these editions come with industry-specific workflows, KPIs, and dashboards, fostering operational excellence and growth.


    NetSuite - Business Value Assessment 

    The GSI Business Value Assessment (BVA) service helps C-level and IT executives conduct a strategic review of their business needs to ensure their NetSuite Solution is being fully utilized and not hindering their growth. The Business Value Assessment service is based on GSI’s extensive NetSuite knowledge across various industries and projects, such as implementations, upgrades, migrations, and services for organizations of all sizes and across numerous industry segments. It entails an initial consultation that analyzes a company’s current business situation; market, geographic, online and mobile growth plans; and a comprehensive review of their current software infrastructure and IT road map.

    The GSI team then conducts a business analysis review, matching up the company’s business needs with capabilities and actual usage of their current software. Finally, GSI delivers a customized assessment that matches business growth and opportunity costs against the economics of their current software, the cost of a potential upgrade and/or the wisdom of complementing their system with a third-party software solution.

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