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From QuickBooks to NetSuite:
A 30-Year Leap for an Innovative Geochemical Lab

About the Client

GeoMark Research plays the pivotal role of a “scientific sleuth” for numerous leading oil and gas corporations globally. Staffed by 34 dedicated professionals across Texas and Louisiana, this pioneer in geochemical analysis converts complex data on rocks, hydrocarbons, and fluids into comprehensive reports. These reports empower clients with the knowledge needed to gauge the potential of oil and gas deposits accurately.

Possessing specialized laboratories for oil, rock, and gas analysis, GeoMark meticulously examines subsurface materials extracted by oil and gas entities. Since its inception in 1991, GeoMark has distinguished itself as the sole provider in its industry of a global “atlas” or database, chronicling its extensive findings. This unique subscription-based database grants companies unparalleled access to detailed insights across the globe, enabling them to forge more strategic and informed business choices.



Challenges the Client Faced

GeoMark had been using QuickBooks to run its growing business since 
opening its doors more than 30 years ago. Most of the company’s sales 
transactions are contract-based and require a lot of paperwork (e.g., 
contracts, invoices, multi-year agreements, terms and conditions, etc.). 
Over time, those documents began to overload the basic accounting 

“We got to the point where QuickBooks was on overload due to all that 
documentation,” said Mari Trevino, Controller. “We started noticing lag 
time as the business grew.” GeoMark also needed more robust reporting 
and a way to more accurately measure its profitability. “That’s why we 
started exploring our options.”

GSI's Solution

GSI has empowered GeoMark to craft reports with unparalleled precision, focusing on specific business line classes, departments, and locations. This ability to delve into fine details—and the swift delivery of these reports—has significantly lightened the workload for the company's lean accounting team, alleviating much of their stress and time constraints. "We're embarking on a journey to unlock new customization possibilities, and our trust in GSI's expertise to guide us is unwavering," Trevino remarked. "Their influence has radically transformed our perspective of NetSuite, turning our weekly discussions with the GSI team into moments we eagerly anticipate. Their profound knowledge and vast experience continually inspire us about the future possibilities."

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