Rehrig Pacific - Avalara Orchestrations

    About the Client

    As an authority on sustainable supply chain solutions, Rehrig Pacific leverages that expertise to help consumer packaged goods (CPG), dairy, beverage, waste management, agricultural and e-commerce companies manage their end-to-end supply chains. Founded in 1913, Rehrig Pacific is the nation’s leading supplier of residential rollout carts. It also produces specialized products based on its in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of waste hauling and recycling management.


    Challenges the Client Faced

    Rehrig had been paying a monthly maintenance fee to a partner to provide integration support between JD Ewards and Avalara tax compliance software. The partner was not living up to expectations or supporting the interface as needed leaving calls unanswered and software unsupported.

    GSI's Solution

    The manufacturer had a successful go-live in October and is pleased
    that it no longer has to shell out $60,000 per year in maintenance fees
    to its previous partner. By using Orchestrator to collect, filter, analyze
    and act on real-time data, Rehrig Pacific has reduced its total number of
    JDE customizations from 30 to just three. Eliminating these 27 different
    customizations make software upgrades, maintenance and usage as a
    whole that much easier. 

    The service that GSI provides has significantly lessened the stress of managing tax compliance for a growing manufacturing operation. “Prior to moving to Orchestrator, we were just focused on maintaining the status quo and keeping things from breaking,” said Jonathan. “Now that we’re in competent hands with GSI, we can actually think about the future and how to make further improvements. We now have the right team in place to help take us to that next level.”



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