Kissing Paperwork Goodbye:
    Smithbilt Embraces Efficiency with NetSuite 

    About the Client

    For the past 42 years, Smithbilt Industries, Inc., headquartered in Auburndale, Florida, has distinguished itself in the national market by producing superior backyard storage buildings. This family-owned enterprise is deeply rooted in the principle of providing "American Made" products and is recognized among the top 10 manufacturers in the portable storage building sector in the United States. Initially starting as a modest venture with only a few employees, Smithbilt Industries has expanded into a significant operation, employing 60 individuals across various manufacturing sites and offices within Florida. The company's growth reflects its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the backyard storage building industry.



    Challenges the Client Faced

    As Smithbilt Industries embarked on its journey of growth, venturing into new territories, launching innovative products, and expanding its team, they faced a series of technological challenges. This period of transformation required the company to move beyond its initial reliance on Sage, transitioning to a sophisticated, cloud-based platform that provided automated cost accounting functionalities. Furthermore, Smithbilt found itself navigating an increasing reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets to oversee its burgeoning operations.

    GSI's Solution

    Smithbilt Industries implemented NetSuite with the help of GSI, recommended by their CPA, to enhance inventory management and automate processes. This integration allowed customers to design sheds online, streamlining the order-to-cash process. The move to NetSuite is expected to improve operational efficiency and financial performance, with Smithbilt planning ongoing optimizations with GSI to maximize their technology investment.

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