5 Key Improvements the ServiceNow San Diego Update Provides Users

ServiceNow’s San Diego update unites the Enterprise ITSM platform’s process, automation, and low-code capabilities to further evolve it’s offering as a true organizational silo-buster. An upgrade for the here and now, San Diego also provides a glimpse into where ServiceNow’s future lies. 

5 Key Improvements the ServiceNow SanDiego Update Provides UsersHere are 5 key areas GSI's ITSM team has identified in the San Diego update:  

  1. Digital Portfolio Management - Holistically manage services and applications through their full lifecycle. The San Diego update gives customers a unified workspace that allows owners to “holistically view” and collectively manage their services and applications through the full lifecycle. This addresses an unmet need in the market and is part of Standard, Professional or Enterprise versions of ServiceNow depending on what components are activated. 
  2. Process Optimization Enhancements - Leverage automation to drive greater process efficiencies Leverage automation to further optimize processes with root cause analysis, automation discovery and conformance check. ServiceNow’s ITSM competitors do not offer process mining capabilities. This enhancement is part of the ITSM Enterprise package. San Diego update to ServiceNow
  3. Virtual Agent – ServiceNow considers its virtual agent a world-class conversational AI. It continues to lead the pack for enterprise chatbots with its intelligence, ease of deployment and a rich set of content out of the box. Few alternatives to ServiceNow provide the “white glove” service and capabilities ServiceNow does. These Virtual Agent updates are part of ITSM Pro package.
  4. Walk-Up Experience - Improved user experience for the hybrid workforce. ServiceNow is making the experience easier by allowing employees the flexibility to book remote sessions as well as making Walk-Up even more accessible through the self-service portal.  While other ITSM platforms enables users to set-up appointments for IT support, there are no other features to create a “Walk-Up” experience. This update is Part of ITSM Standard 
  5. DevOps Change Velocity - Rapid start with no developer impact. Connect existing DevOps tools and pipelines without needing the full configuration required for automation. Thousands of ServiceNow Pro customers can start simply with capability that other ITSM providers cannot match. 

While these updates are exciting, it might be difficult to immediately understand how to implement these to your advantage. If you are using multiple ITSM programs to manage projects, maybe moving to the ServiceNow platform is the way to go? Contact the sales team via email, or simply call 855-474-4377.