Transaction Based DMAAI Help is Here!

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Transaction Based DMAAI Help is Here!

Edward Gutkowski, Chief Architect - Rapid Reconciler

Inventory Management for Retailers

Distribution/Manufacturing Automatic Accounting Instructions (DMAAI’s) are the cornerstone of the inventory reconciliation process. Each transaction of goods uses this cross-reference mapping to create corresponding journal entries in the general ledger.

To give you an idea of the complexity of the configuration, consider the Excel table below:



Notice the sheer number of DMAAI table numbers across the top. Inside of each table one must specify the company number, document type, G/L class code, business unit, object account and subsidiary account in order to create a meaningful mapping. This can result in thousands or perhaps 10’s of thousands of entries in these tables. And just because a mapping is there does not mean it is actually used. So how can I tell which DMAAI’s are actually causing issues?

That’s where the transaction detail report inside of RapidReconciler comes to the rescue. In a recent update, DMAAI configuration for failed transactions:

Notice the DMAAI section for this failed inventory adjustment transaction. There is a discrepancy in the balance sheet accounts across the tables. RapidReconciler scans the tables for instances of the document type and GL class code used in the actual transaction for analysis.

No more searching through thousands of entries looking for potential DMAAI issues. Thanks to RapidReconciler, you can now focus on the ones that are actually causing problems. Happy reconciling!

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