AI Will HELP NOT Hinder - Cybersecurity Pros Work to Counter Criminals

    The latest Technology That Will Change Life As We Know It is having its moment: Artificial Intelligence. Who knew it would take ChatGPT's latest chatbot release to catch mainstream media and early-adapters by storm?

    Heck even our grandmothers are asking us to ask "The AI" what's the "best brownie batter cookie recipe known to humankind?" But with all this power comes great responsibility right? Let's hope AI tech leadership teared up when Peter Parker lost Uncle Ben.

    GSI CISO John Bassett has been following its slow burn and meteoric rise. He attended Microsoft's RSA Conference earlier this month and is encouraged by reports AI innovations may in fact level the cybersecurity playing field toward the good guys! 

    In the video below, Bassett also points to some areas where AI chatbots still could expose companies to data privacy breaches. Click below to watch him break down what you need to know.