AppCare: Managed Services for ServiceNow Administration

ServiceNow revenue for 2021 reached nearly $5.9 billion, making it one of the most popular, widely used Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions on the market.

AppCare: Managed Services for ServiceNow Admin

One reason ServiceNow has maintained its position as a top player in the technology management support space is the vast number of features it offers, as well as the various ways it can be customized to align with the specific workflows of individual businesses.

But in some ways, ServiceNow is like a smartphone. Although it can do a whole host of things, it can be difficult to take advantage of all its features—or even know what they all are. Just as you can use a smartphone to do everything, such as edit full-length feature films and produce studio-quality albums, you can use ServiceNow to automate core processes, as well as collect and leverage vast amounts of data to improve those processes.

However, it can be expensive to hire a provider that can show you everything ServiceNow can do for your business. Plus, true ServiceNow experts are hard to come by, especially if you need to develop a custom solution for your organization.

With AppCare, GSI's managed services offering, you can choose all-inclusive or à la carte service, which gives you access to experts with years of ServiceNow experience while saving money.

Here’s a breakdown of why you need a ServiceNow managed services provider (MSP) and how GSI’s AppCare can deliver on various business objectives.

Why You Need Managed Services for ServiceNow

Organizations outsource ServiceNow administration to expert service providers for various reasons, including:

  • Predictable and scalable spending: You can start small and then scale up as needed, adding instances as you see fit. This also makes it easier to predict how much you’ll have to spend from month to month.
  • Faster response time: With a dedicated team of experts to assist with any ServiceNow concern, you no longer have to wait all day for a return email or phone call for issues to be addressed, particularly if they're time-sensitive.
  • Expertise and experience. The right ServiceNow management provider is like a skillful mechanic that knows how to get under the hood and tweak the vehicle of your business, getting it to run better, faster, and more efficiently.
  • Proactive monitoring and issue remediation. A dedicated ServiceNow managed services provider can use their knowledge of your system, as well as monitoring tools, to quickly identify and address issues.
  • Data compliance. The data compliance landscape can be difficult to navigate, but a knowledgeable provider understands the data compliance requirements for your business and how to use ServiceNow to meet them.
  • Single point of contact. With a ServiceNow MSP, you get a single point of contact, one person that gets to know your business intimately, enabling them to leverage ServiceNow’s features in the most effective way possible.

ServiceNow Managed Services with GSI’s AppCare

With GSI’s AppCare, you get a combination of ServiceNow advisory and implementation services.

GSI’s Advisory Services

Working hand in hand with GSI’s ServiceNow experts gives you access to expert knowledge and experience that can take your organization to the next level.

  • Best-practices workshops: You don’t have to fumble through ServiceNow, wondering whether or not you're using it to the fullest. You get best practices workshops that show you what has worked for similar organizations, why, and how.
  • IT service management (ITSM) maturity assessment: Even efficient, successful IT teams still have room for improvement. AppCare includes a full ITSM maturity assessment that evaluates your organization's service management capabilities and then provides insight into the areas that can be improved. You can use the resulting data to set tangible goals and benchmarks for your IT team.
  • Architecture design: GSI’s ServiceNow experts can provide advice on whether your IT architecture needs minor tweaks or a complete revamp. In the end, you get a system that complements your most business-critical workflows.

GSI’s Implementation Services

With GSI’s implementation services, you don't have to worry about the grunt work and technical details associated with getting up and running, as well as integrating third-party solutions.

  • New ServiceNow deployment: A new ServiceNow implementation will change how your employees work. Getting it right is critical to avoid employee dissatisfaction and unnecessary work interruptions. GSI will guide you through a new ServiceNow deployment, ensuring it aligns with the business goals you’ve set out to achieve.
  • Adding modules to ServiceNow: If you’ve already experienced some success with ServiceNow and want to automate other aspects of your business, GSI can help you add more modules, making sure they're configured correctly.
  • Custom-scoping ServiceNow applications: Application scoping protects apps by restricting access to files and data. Customizing which features of your apps are accessible to other applications ensures more stable, secure apps. GSI’s ServiceNow professionals can strategically scope different parts of your applications to safely incorporate them with other processes.
  • Integrating ServiceNow with third-party apps: AppCare enables seamless, effective integrations with the third-party apps you use for various business purposes. GSI's experts can also assist with command-line and API integrations, further expanding the realm of ServiceNow possibilities for your organization.

Getting Started with ServiceNow Managed Services

Harnessing the full power of ServiceNow is easier and faster with seasoned experts on your side. To see all the ways ServiceNow can empower your business, reach out today.