GSI's Application Modernization Team a 'Critical Extension' of Eastern Propane & Oil



What Would Your Company Do With a Refund of Thousands of People Hours?

Eastern Propane & Oil, an established energy supplier to East Coast homes and businesses, uses an Oracle ERP to streamline thousands of manual processes across its multi-state operation.

Unfortunately, the company processed customer payment agreements like a lot of other companies do… with a cavalcadeproptruck_small of handwritten signatures, printing of forms, and tiers of approvals rendered among different departments.

Logging these activities accurately in it's state-of-the-art ERP was equally frustrating, time consuming and prone to manual data entry errors.

GSI was hired to find a better way.

The GSI Application Modernization team's solution simplified the lives of Eastern employees overnight by dramatically reducing processing time from weeks to minutes.

Download the case study to learn how GSI used brand-new technologies and customized the ERP instance to save thousands of hours and hundreds of headaches.

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