Database between World and EnterpriseOne

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Did you know that Oracle is hard at work bringing a whole new set of bells and whistles to JD Edwards World. The release of IBM OS V7R1 has allowed for more "openness" to the software. Also as part of the release of A9.3, there is more standardization of the database between World and EnterpriseOne. Why is this important? It is allowing Oracle to work on bringing some advanced functionality to the World product family.

For example, they are working to bring EnterpriseOne One View Reporting to World. They can do this because of very similar database structure and there is not a lot of major code changes to support. Similarly there is also an effort underway to bring some of the look and feel of the EnterpriseOne interface to World. Finally extensibility capabilities have been incorporated into World allowing for dynamic links to external information either from the GUI interface or traditional "Green Screen emulation". Leveraging extensibility via Related Application Information Framework allows customers to simulate E1 media objects functionality.
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Coming Soon: GSI will be offering a 1Ž2 day workshop on World A9.3 common foundations. We will review the common foundations of World, including topics in navigation, review of standards, menu setups/changes, managing UDC's, cleaning up DreamWriters and WorldWriters and more tips and tricks. It is designed for those users who have never had a chance to attend a common foundations class as well as veteran users who would like a refresher in the basics. Cost will be $750.00 per organization.
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