Deliver a Procurement Solution That Runs on ServiceNow

Stave ProcurementPath Implementation

Ketan Shah, Senior Solution Consultant

Many organizations struggle with their critical procurement process and associated steps because of a lack of digitalization. The challenge can be the result of inefficient or manual processes that are not aligned to support the business and systems are not integrated to help drive automation. A Stave ProcurementPath Implementation, build on the ServiceNow platform, could be the answer.

There is a driving need for automation and collaboration of key procurement processes including purchasing, vendor management, receiving, invoicing, and vendor payment & reconciliation.

ServiceNow Consulting

ServiceNow is a robust platform and its platform capabilities can be expanded to support a procurement process that is easy and robust while not requiring custom development or maintenance.

GSI has partnered with Stave to deliver a modern platform to digitalize your end-to-end procurement activities, called ProcurementPath, which is built on the ServiceNow platform. Key components of the solution consist of a Procurement Portal that enables source-to-settle process automation, provides end-to-end procurement, purchasing visibility, decrease time to purchase, and increased customer effectiveness.

GSI can quickly deploy a procure-to-pay (P2P) solution starting with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Accounts Payable (AP), all native to a ServiceNow Platform.

The solution leverages native ServiceNow predictive intelligence capability and machine learning models that automatically categorize, route, and alert the right teams to drive work and efficiency. The easy to use portal simplifies the execution of complex procurement activities with P2P, CLM, AP, Vendor Management, and Source to Contract. GSI can integrate HR, purchasing, and accounts payable systems to create greater efficiencies.

Let GSI help you understand the complete state of requests, purchases, and contracts with consolidated, real-time dashboards, automate the procure-to-pay process and gain a deeper insight into spend and vendor analytics, using our ServiceNow Consulting Practice.

Depending on the organization, GSI can delivery a comprehensive solution in as little as 3 weeks that can also leverage ITSM capabilities like Asset Management, Service Catalog, and Reporting applications of ServiceNow. Why continue to struggle with a manual process or develop a heavily customized solution? GSI can help you with your Stave ProcurementPath Implementation!

To schedule a demo or learn more about a Stave ProcurementPath Implementation, please contact: Jean Landmesser -