NetSuite Demonstrates Huge Value During Times of Upheaval

It is no secret that 2020 has brought a host of new challenges that we simply have not encountered in recent memory. As we all adjust and respond to our new normal, several themes have presented themselves to NetSuite clients, GSI ourselves being one, in which NetSuite demonstrates unparalleled value.

To report on is great, but to truly master your data you need all encompassing control of ALL business data in a single repository. When the criteria and submission guidelines for payroll loans did your organization struggle to assemble reports and spreadsheets from different systems? For NetSuite customers with best-in-class setup, saved searches were created in hours that revealed the employee counts (both historic and current), cost per employee, and operational cost categorized as needed to meet the requirements of their applications.

For retailers, never before has the flexibility of supporting a webstore alongside your POS solution been more apparent. Small to large retailers are struggling to re-configure supply chains and systems to adapt to the changes that NetSuite users could perform in hours by simply updating planning setup on their items.

For most the challenges of managing a remote workforce have been significant, extending technology and equipment can be very difficult for organizations that administer both, but for NetSuite customers, the transition is seamless. The same business users log in from home with the same performance and access, security is administered by NetSuite via 2 factor authentication via text message, and access can be administered by Microsoft active directory for additional oversight.

Challenges can reveal capabilities and strengths that we were not aware of, and from this perspective the value of NetSuite’s platform has been highlighted by current circumstance. Other platforms simply cannot offer the flexibility, adaptability, security, and ease of use that NetSuite can. If you are a NetSuite user and wanting to extend or refine your setup or are considering migrating to the world’s must trusted cloud ERP please reach out to see how GSI can partner with you providing a wide range of NetSuite Services.