7 Reasons Your Manufacturing Business Needs NetSuite

    The modern business landscape has embraced agility, flexibility, and efficiency, and manufacturers can keep pace given the right solutions. Manufacturing and digitization go hand in hand, but to capitalize on the potential benefits, you need a comprehensive application designed to improve all facets of your business.

    This is where the NetSuite enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool steps up to the plate. Keep reading to learn seven reasons why NetSuite for manufacturers is a home run, as well as how you can streamline your implementation with GSI’s NetSuite implementation service.

    1. Smoother Processes for Engineering

    NetSuite’s support for manufacturers isn’t limited to logistics and back-office details but begins at ground one: the engineering phase. With NetSuite, you can make sure that any changes you make to the engineering of your products are reflected at all phases of your process—from your bill of materials to the inventory needed to build your products.

    You can choose how you manage your costing system, selecting from a range of options, such as first in, first out (FIFO), last in, first out (LIFO), averaging, and more. You also get a centralized, simple team management system that ensures everyone is connected and on target.

    2. Improved Order Management

    NetSuite comes with intelligent order management, which is able to:

      • Optimize your fulfillment system
      • Empower your business to scale without adding more personnel
      • Orchestrate release for fulfillment
      • Apply business rules to all your critical processes, achieving consistency across the board

    You can also enhance the availability of your products by automating which warehouses are used to provide key inventory according to availability.

    3. Fine-Tune Sales and Marketing
    NetSuite does it all

    You can use NetSuite’s marketing automation to generate new leads, measure and track how individual prospects are responding to your campaigns, and pinpoint the moment a lead is on the verge of converting to an active customer.

    NetSuite also enables you to create marketing campaigns and track their success. In addition, you can analyze your marketing return on investment (ROI) to figure out what’s working best.

    4. Complete Supply Chain Automation

    NetSuite for manufacturing provides you with powerful tools for outsourcing elements of your production process by optimizing your supply chain. No matter who manufactures your products, or the location they do it from, NetSuite coordinates the production process so everything comes together when and how it should.

    You gain a real-time perspective of the status of your inventory, as well as a "single pane of glass" view of all your vendors and service providers. You can use NetSuite to communicate with all the individuals that play important roles in your supply chain system, ensuring everyone is on the right page and ready to support your business.

    5. Production Control

    NetSuite’s production control tools give you the ability to control every last detail of your production infrastructure. You gain visibility into the components, systems, and people used to produce your goods, as well as how well they’re meeting your benchmarks.

    NetSuite also gives you a real-time view of the status of work orders, giving you the ability to make changes to meet shifting demands and time frames.

    6. Personalized, Automated Service and Support

    A NetSuite implementation can be used to centralize your customer management system by giving you a global view of all issues, how they’re being addressed, and how they were resolved.

    Instead of relying on ad-hoc emails and random customer outreach, you can use NetSuite to:

      • Automate how cases are assigned
      • Automatically escalate issues, customizing rules for when escalation needs to happen
      • Enable customers to self-solve issues
      • Organize and provide a knowledge base of documents customers can use to answer pressing questions

    You also get real-time information on how customer issues are being resolved, as well as the ability to analyze how your support system is performing. You can then use these metrics to better equip your teams.

    7. Straightforward, Comprehensive Commerce Tools

    NetSuite makes it simple to manage orders and quotes in a way that improves the purchasing process and your profitability. You can track your orders, their individual statuses, and ensure customers are getting exactly what they want.

    NetSuite also gives you systems for tracking how well your commerce solutions are performing, providing you with data regarding:

      • Your customers
      • Individual orders placed as well as product categories
      • Inventory in relation to the orders customers make through eCommerce and traditional commerce solutions

    NetSuite’s commerce solutions also allow you to personalize the shopping experiences of customers, ensuring your sales process caters to their specific needs.

    GSI Makes NetSuite Implementation Easy for Manufacturers

    GSI’s NetSuite services can make your entry into the platform simple and hassle-free. GSI’s team of NetSuite experts provides managed and consulting services and can guide you through an implementation designed to meet your business’s unique requirements. With NetSuite and GSI, manufacturers can maximize their profits while minimizing the complexity of adopting a new platform.  

    To learn more, connect with a NetSuite expert from GSI today