Manufacturers: What’s the Cost of Doing Nothing in 2022?

    This week, President Biden signed the most significant infrastructure spending bill in a generation into law. This financial injection, coupled with a pandemic that's fading in the rear-view mirror, should supercharge American manufacturers.

    At the same time, working with the tangled global supply chain in 2022 will be challenging. This is especially true for companies that haven't embraced digital supply chain management and are operating with manual processes and outdated technology solutions.

    But why lament when you can leap!

    Manufacturers with legacy systems or even software-based ERPs can be agile enough to take advantage of this epic opportunity by embracing a cloud-based ERP solution.

    Call it "analysis paralysis," taking a "wait-and-see" approach, or just plain fear of failure; if your systems and processes look the same in 2022 as they did in 2019, your competitors are already ahead of you.
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    GSI and NetSuite teamed up to create a white-paper that presents the case to automate your supply chain. There are tools to help manufacturers identify their supply chain chokepoints. We'll also look at how manufacturers can use technology to scale and even simplify steps to automate your supply chain.

    We are firm believers that the first cloud-based ERP system and the leader in the industry is the right solution for Manufacturers in this unprecedented time of complexity and opportunity.