GSI Cements its Stature in the ERP World: Celebrates Spot on the Coveted Bob Scott's Top 100 VARs for 2023

    GSI, the Oracle Platinum Partner renowned for its deep business and industry experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting software solutions, today relishes the announcement of its inclusion in Bob Scott's prestigious Top 100 VARs for 2023. This honor cements GSI's reputation as a powerhouse in the tech industry, handpicked from an elite pool of contenders who specialize in ERP and accounting software. 

    "We want to congratulate this year's class of Bob Scott's Top 100 VARs," said Bob Scott, executive editor of ERP Global Insights (formerly known as Bob Scott's Insights). "This selection represents recognition of leaders in this important field." 

    GSI has taken bold and confident strides forward in this post-pandemic world. The company's growth story is as diverse as it is exciting. It has strategically maneuvered through influential trends such as the surge in cloud-based ERP adoption, industry-specific solutions, and rising demand for seamless system integrations and enhanced user experiences. GSI's pivot towards integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies has also significantly impacted, coupled with an ever-heightened focus on cybersecurity.  

    "I am incredibly proud of GSI's growth and expansion, fueled by our ability to embrace industry trends and adapt to the changing business landscape. Our commitment to industry-specific solutions and robust cybersecurity measures further solidifies our position as a trusted leader in the market," says Kevin Herrig, President and CEO of GSI. 

    In keeping with these evolving trends, GSI strategically brought Cloud Genius Advisors for NetSuite and Flawless Inbound for HubSpot into its fold. This expansion has allowed GSI to further diversify its portfolio of cloud and hosting options while ramping up its managed services for its JD Edwards, NetSuite, and HubSpot practice areas. In tandem, GSI's custom solution development has flourished, with standouts such as GlobalNEXT™ and GENIUS AI™ turning heads. 

    The complete Bob Scott's Top 100 VARs list, ranked by revenue, is available for download on the ERP Global Insights website. The report is a tribute to the continuous support and cooperation of its readers and sponsors, including Acumatica, Automatic Data Processing, Repay, Sage, Syspro, and Versapay. 

    Bob Scott, a veritable stalwart in the industry, has been providing insightful and engaging content to the mid-market financial software community for nearly 32 years. His repertoire spans a plethora of print and electronic publications, including the Bob Scott's Insights newsletter, now known as ERP Global Insights. 

    "Receiving the coveted Bob Scott's Top 100 VARs award is a moment of immense pride for GSI," says Herrig. "It reinforces our position as a leading force in the ERP industry and reflects the outstanding accomplishments of our team. We remain dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and redefining the ERP landscape, with sincere gratitude to our valued clients and partners for their trust and support."  

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