GSI Webcast Examines 'Zero Trust' Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, so the complexities in stopping software-based threats must evolve. GSI understands that deploying a higher-grade of security is fundamental in protecting not just its own systems but as aLPheader2 cybersecurity provider to its clients.

“Zero Trust” is a flexible cybersecurity approach that assumes every user, device, and network connection is potentially untrustworthy, and seeks to minimize risk by strictly limiting access to resources. In a Zero-Trust reality, access to data and systems is only granted after verifying a user's identity and ensuring that the device they are using is secure and up-to-date.

During the webcast, GSI CISO and VP John Bassett examined two tools central to the Zero-Trust approach:

  • How GSI uses the “Threat Locker” Application Whitelisting solution to block the installation of any unapproved software, ransomware, viruses, and other malicious software by cybercriminals.
  • How GSI uses Ring Fencing to block cybercriminals from installing nefarious code, while at the same time requiring approved users to only use software in a manner it was intended.

Included in the on-demand video of the webcast is a 10-minute Q&A session where John takes a big picture look at where zero trust technology is headed and even if the recent breakthroughs in AI technology will have an impact on the cybersecurity landscape in coming years.