How Manufacturers Can Optimize Production with EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Shop Floor

    What Is EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Shop Floor?

    How-Manufacturers-Can-Optimize-Production-with-EnterpriseOne-Manufacturing-Shop-Floor-600-×-375-pxJD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Shop Floor is a mixed-mode solution that supports ever-changing manufacturing and inventory strategies, giving you the option to adjust manufacturing techniques as you see fit. It gives you granular control over your batch processes, assemble-to-order, make-to-order, and make-to-stock workflows, as well as all product manufacturing and remanufacturing.

    Streamlining Production with EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Shop Floor

    Here are some of the ways Manufacturing Shop Floor lets you optimize production processes:

    1. Prioritize Certain Orders

    Fulfilling orders however and whenever you like would be nice, but the fact is you sometimes have to prioritize certain jobs. For example, if you have a high-value customer that absolutely needs a product within a few weeks, you may have to adjust processes to accommodate the request and maintain your great relationship with them. With JD Edwards for manufacturers, making such adjustments is straightforward.

    Fulfilling each work order requires the integration of several systems and many different people, and with EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Shop Floor, you have control over every component, process, and person involved. In this way, you can prioritize specific work orders in a matter of minutes, so the highest-value orders get fulfilled first.

    2. Track Where Orders Are in the Manufacturing Process

    If a customer decides they want their order faster, how can you tell where it is in the manufacturing process? With JDE Manufacturing Shop Floor, you get full visibility into not just the status of orders but also where they are in the production system. This feature makes it easier to optimize production according to changing internal or customer needs.

    For example, suppose you’re manufacturing farm equipment for a variety of clients, some of whom are overseas. There’s a booming growth season in Eastern Europe, and several crop varieties are thriving. Farm equipment suppliers want to get their hands on as many units as possible, so they can sell them to the farmers streaming in through their doors.

    One of your harvesting machines is in particularly high demand, and a customer calls asking if you can bump up the production schedule, making the product available two weeks earlier than originally planned.

    With EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Shop Floor, you can:

    • See where the harvesters are in the manufacturing process
    • Determine if you have the components on hand to produce them faster
    • Figure out how much it would cost you in overtime or to hire temporary staff to fulfill the order

    With this data in hand, you can inform the equipment supplier exactly how fast you can speed up the production process—and how that will impact what they have to pay for each harvester.

    3. Coordinate Shop Floor Timetables in Line with Specific Orders

    As you synchronize the shop floor timetable with the labor and materials required to meet the production schedule, you can access a range of solutions through Manufacturing Shop Floor’s scheduling workbench. Here, you can see the dispatch list for work orders, which is displayed in the scheduling feature. You also have access to data about where the work is being done, open orders, and how long machines and people have been working on each order.

    You can then use this information to manually order or reorder material if needed, as well as manage inventory levels to ensure the components are there to complete the order on time.

    4. Automate Your Inventory Management Processes

    JD Edwards for manufacturers can take data coming from your shop floor and use it to inform your inventory management system. In this way, you can make sure:

    • You have the inventory you need to keep production flowing smoothly
    • You don’t over-invest in components, especially those with a limited shelf life

    For example, suppose you’re manufacturing medical equipment and some units need LCD screens that doctors and nurses refer to when examining patient data. A medical supply company places an order for 2,000 of these units.

    With a few clicks, EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Shop Floor can tell you if you have enough screens on hand to complete the order. If not, it can also tell you how long it will take to get them, as well as what they will cost given different fulfillment timelines. For instance, rushing an order for the screens to meet the medical supplier's requirements may be worth it—even if this means the screens will cost a bit more. Either way, JDE Manufacturing Shop Floor gives you the inventory visibility and fulfillment data you need to make a well-informed decision.

    Optimize Your EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Shop Floor Implementation with GSI

    With GSI’s trusted JD Edwards experts, you get experienced professionals who know Manufacturing Shop Floor inside and out. In this way, you gain confidence that your implementation will be smooth, quick, and aligned with the requirements of your unique production processes. Connect with a GSI representative today to learn more.