5 Reasons You Need GSI SuiteCare for Your NetSuite Instance

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are skyrocketing in popularity: By 2027, the ERP market is projected to reach $14 billion, making up over 8.7% of the overall SaaS market. Considering the equally impressive growth of the SaaS sector, the ERP piece of the pie certainly raises eyebrows. And Oracle’s NetSuite is at the head of the pack.

    But getting the most out of NetSuite can be difficult. Given the complexity of a NetSuite implementation, many companies have been turning to GSI’s SuiteCare to ensure they get the most out of NetSuite. Here are the top five reasons you need GSI’s SuiteCare to maximize your NetSuite implementation.

    1. Comprehensive Customization of Your Current NetSuite Environment

    Many companies already have a NetSuite instance established but aren’t sure how to use it to its full potential. These situations can be a lot like an F1 race car. Businesses know NetSuite can get them to their destination quickly, but they may not fully understand how its features work together to do so. For example, the W13 Mercedes Lewis Hamilton drives can easily handle G forces up to six times the force of gravity while cornering and braking. But it takes a deep knowledge of—and trust in—the car’s suspension, tires, aerodynamics, and steering mechanism to achieve this level of performance.

    Some companies may be driving their existing NetSuite instance too slowly. But with an in-depth knowledge of its core functions, automation, integration possibilities, and business processes, you can beat your competition to the checkered flag.

    2. Get Guidance About How to Take Advantage of New NetSuite Features with Our Monthly Webinar Series, SuiteSkills!

    As part of our commitment to 'Tomorrow's Solutions, Today', we've curated a one-of-a-kind educational journey designed to keep our valued NetSuite support customers at the forefront of business technology.

    'SuiteSkills' is more than just a webinar series. It's your exclusive pass to the ever-evolving world of NetSuite, your gateway to comprehensive understanding and accelerated proficiency. Each month, we delve into different facets of the NetSuite universe, offering in-depth insights, advanced tips, and expert-led tutorials that empower you to harness the full potential of your NetSuite experience.

    From best practice sharing to troubleshooting techniques, 'Suite Skills' covers a broad spectrum of topics, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. Our interactive, engaging sessions offer the perfect blend of learning and discussion, turning every webinar into a powerhouse of knowledge and skills. SuiteSkills is an exclusive offering ONLY for GSI SuiteCare clients. 

    3. Discovering What’s Possible with a New Instance of NetSuite 

    Thousands of businesses have yet to purchase—or even explore—NetSuite, which could be due to not knowing how it can help their businesses. But with SuiteCare for NetSuite, you can get a detailed breakdown of everything a new implementation can do for your company.

    For example, regardless of your business sector, a NetSuite instance facilitates and automates:

    • Finance
    • Global business management
    • Budgeting, payments, payroll, and billing
    • Project management
    • Order, inventory, and warehouse management
    • Customer relationships, human resources, and professional services
    • Business analytics

    GSI SuiteCare connects you with experts who can guide you through using these and other features to optimize business processes. Further, GSI can assist you with using SuiteApps, which expands the functionality of NetSuite, making it an even more customized fit.

    4. In-depth Discovery of How NetSuite Can Improve Your Processes

    SuiteCare for NetSuite is “case-focused,” meaning you get managed services that pinpoint exactly how to use NetSuite to improve your processes. In other words, SuiteCare by GSI takes the opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach.

    During the discovery phase, your GSI SuiteCare partners analyze your business processes and identify how NetSuite can streamline or automate them. The discovery process may even uncover:

    • New streams of revenue
    • Ways you can save overhead on key processes
    • Opportunities to make better use of your staff

    For example, a manufacturer could use NetSuite to link its production, distribution, inventory, human resources, and payroll data. Decision-makers can then determine the best ways to:

    • Decide which just-in-time supply chain principles could work—if any
    • Use straightforward metrics to compensate outstanding employees for their performance and assist those dealing with challenges
    • Source key components for less money
    • Optimize inventory storage space

    Of course, there are countless ways you can use NetSuite to accomplish these goals and more, and SuiteCare by GSI makes it easy to discover the most effective methods.

    5. Get the Skills You Need to Optimize Your NetSuite Administration

    Once you get your system up and running, maintaining and improving performance can be another challenge. Getting the most out of NetSuite also involves long-term administrative best practices. Whether you already have NetSuite or you’re about to dive in for the first time, GSI SuiteCare can give your administrative staff best-practice tools to:

    • Ensure each department continues to benefit
    • Set efficiency goals and monitor your company’s progress toward them
    • Ensure that key employees understand how to use NetSuite, as well as efficiently onboard new hires

    Start Getting the Most out of NetSuite with SuiteCare by GSI Today

    There’s no need to invest countless hours—and payroll funds—fiddling with NetSuite. SuiteCare for NetSuite provides expert-managed services, regardless of the nature of your business and how you want to use NetSuite. Reach out to GSI today to learn more.