JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 24: Explore the Major Updates


Oracle remains committed to the continuous improvement of JD Edwards.  

The most recent release marks another stride in the ongoing innovation journey on the JDE 9.2 platform. With this upgrade, customers stand to derive maximum value from their investment. With enhanced information usability and reimagined application features, businesses can tap into the full power of the Continuous Delivery model, optimize their JDE investment, and drive true competitive differentiation. 

Let's dive into the new functionalities that are set to become indispensable for JD Edwards: 


In the latest release, the Procurement function module continues to facilitate the acquisition of goods and services essential for your enterprise, catering to internal use, manufacturing, assembly, or resale to customers. Diverse transactions such as quotes, blanket orders, internal requisitions, and supplier purchase orders are seamlessly supported as well. 

Here’s a quick overview of all the improvements set for the Procurement application. 

Enterprise Automation: Requisition to Receipt 

  • Combines EnterpriseOne pages and watchlists for a process flow model. 
  • Watchlists in each process step offer contextual visibility to relevant data. 
  • Links to detailed process flows, charts, and graphs for a holistic view. 
  • Expands focus from transactions to revealing process blind spots and inefficiencies. 

Standalone Check Price in Procurement 

  • Advanced Pricing module in JD Edwards enables standalone price review. 
  • View line-level adjustments at any point in the procurement process. 
  • Flexibility to assess pricing for items independently, optimizing purchase decisions. 
  • Empowers users to make informed choices before entering a Purchase Order. 

Avoid Opening Requisition Order When PO Line is Canceled 

  • Enhanced application prevents reopening requisition orders. 
  • Option to stop system from reopening requisition when PO line is canceled (Option 9).
  • Provides flexibility in canceling purchase order lines during receipt without opening requisitions. 

Volume Based Buying Recommendations in Procurement 

  • Advanced Pricing in Procurement alerts about potential volume-based discounts. 
  • System-identified opportunities to reduce item cost by increasing ordered quantity. 
  • Dynamic notifications to guide users to increase quantity for better discounts. 
  • Enhanced efficiency in the purchasing process, resulting in increased savings. 


The newest release promises efficiency and increased flexibility in overseeing all inventory-related procedures, primarily owing to two robust upgrades. 

 Automated Safety Stock Population  

For effective inventory planning, safeguarding against unexpected shifts in supply or demand is crucial. This feature revolutionizes the process by eliminating the manual upkeep of safety stock values. Instead, the system is equipped to calculate and populate these values automatically, ensuring a more efficient and accurate approach to inventory planning. 

Allow Inventory Locations to be Put on Hold  

Facilitating efficiency and flexibility in inventory management, this feature empowers control through the introduction of a Location Hold field in the Location Master. This field takes precedence over the Lot Status in the Item Location table, determining the type of transactions allowed. The result is a more simplified process that eliminates the need for updating individual item/lot/location records, providing greater control over inventory movements and availability. 


As part of the release, Enterprise Automation for logistics will integrate EnterpriseOne pages and watchlists to create a process flow model for the shipment-to-dispatch process. Within each step of the process flow, associated watchlists offer contextual visibility to pertinent data, aligning with the corresponding stages in the shipment-to-dispatch process. This functionality allows for seamless linkage to more detailed process flows, charts, and graphs, thereby broadening the perspective from isolated transactions to the entire process. By harnessing existing data, this mechanism unveils previously overlooked areas and inefficiencies in the process. 


 Automatic Service or Equipment Work Order Routing Attachment Through ETO Project Workbench 

The ETO Project Workbench now facilitates the automatic attachment of service or equipment work order routings during their creation, eliminating the need for additional user steps that were previously necessary. 

OCI AI/ML Accelerator for JD Edwards 

Customers using JD Edwards can now tap into the potential of AI/ML to tackle their business challenges with the introduction of the AI/ML Accelerator for JD Edwards. This accelerator offers a quick start for customers seeking to employ AI/ML for the identification of patterns and correlations. 


Ability to View Details of Vouchers Associated with Purchase Orders from the Account Ledger Program 

The Account Ledger program has been updated to include the capability for users to drill down into the details of vouchers connected with purchase orders. Moreover, the program facilitates a drill-down option for voucher match reversal from the Account Ledger, specifically for vouchers linked to purchase orders, aligning with users' business needs and reducing the time required to review voucher details. 

Flexibility in Defining Default Document Type for Journal Entry 

The Journal Entry program now lets users set the default document type for Journal entries, delivering more flexibility in terms of specifying the default document type for Journal Entry. 

View Joint Venture Parent BU in Business Units and Job Master Applications 

With Joint Venture Parent Business Unit now included in Business Units and Job Master programs, users can view Joint Venture related Business Units in a single form. Joint Venture hierarchy can be seen from the Business Unit or Job Master providing a better user experience. 

Improved Asset Cost Analysis 

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has introduced a new program that enhances the overall cost review experience by providing users with improved and accurate data for analyzing Asset and Maintenance costs. 

Grower/Blend Management 

Simplified Auditing for Blend Management empowers customers to promptly generate and access audit reports upon request, enhancing data accuracy, eliminating ambiguity in reports, and demonstrating compliance throughout the audit trail.  

Capital Asset Management 

To elevate user experience and facilitate efficient work scheduling, improvements have been made to the resource and crew assignment processes. Resource managers can now swiftly access necessary data through additional filters and customize tables to meet their specific needs by rearranging data and adding columns. Additionally, the system provides the option to update the work order start date during resource assignment rescheduling and to remove resource assignments when canceling a work order, resulting in time and effort savings and allowing resource managers to effectively carry out the resource assignment process. 

JD Edwards Statement of Direction for Sustainability Framework 

JD Edwards has also reinforced its commitment to sustainable and ethical principles in business operations through the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework. The Statement of Direction offers insights into JD Edwards' roadmap and strategy for the Sustainability Framework, which seeks to simplify the gathering and organization of data concerning energy consumption, fuel usage, and other critical environmental factors distributed throughout diverse business processes. The objective is to facilitate businesses in the adoption of sustainable business practices. 


Read Statement of Direction 


As the JD Edwards platform evolves, businesses now have an array of tools at their disposal for optimized operations, efficiency, and digital transformation. Oracle's steadfast commitment to JD Edwards is evident with premium support extended until 2034.  

With extensive experience in supporting companies through upgrades and cloud migrations, GSI offers unmatched JD Edwards expertise, ensuring a smooth transition to the latest release and providing comprehensive services to keep your system running efficiently 24/7. Contact our team today to upgrade your JDE experience, ensuring ongoing support with regular updates and maintenance.