JD Edwards Inventory Reconciliation – A Significant RapidReconciler Update

    JD Edwards Inventory Reconciliation – A Significant RapidReconciler Update

    Edwards Gutkowski - Chief Architect RapidReconciler

    digital-marketing-600-×-375-px-300x188I have spent the last several weeks enhancing the Transaction Detail Report found in the RapidReconciler product by GSI. This is the drill-down report from the list of completed transactions in JD Edwards that have “failed” reconciliation between the item ledger detail and general ledger detail. End users generate this data by expanding a single transaction on the grid. Of course, they can do this for any type of transaction that they see. Learn about this key RapidReconciler update.

    The main purpose of the report is to locate the root cause of the discrepancy. The example illustrated below shows a purchase order receipt that added $1434.65 to inventory as shown in the F4111 Data section on top. There were 2 rows generated, 1 being for the zero-balance adjustment amount of $411.40, which happens to be the amount of the variance.  General ledger entries to the inventory account only show a debit for the first line of the transaction, not the zero-balance adjustment.

    The DMAAI’s used to process zero balance adjustments are also part of the report details, and by observing the setup we see that those debits/credits net to the same expense account! This is not correct and performing a 1-minute setup change in JD Edwards will keep this problem from happening again in the future!

    The report now includes more comprehensive details for intercompany orders, transfer orders, direct ship orders, and various other transaction types, saving hours of doing look-ups in JDE or having to create ad hoc reports.

    It does take a trained eye to view the data and locate the issue. If a customer needs assistance I ask that they send me the report and I will offer an analysis. This enhancement will be deployed in the near future. Let me know of any comments or questions. Until next time … happy reconciling! If we can help with any of your Oracle D Edwards needs, please let us know.