JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 23 Application Enhancements

Blue-Yellow-Simple-How-to-Be-Successful-Youtube-Thumbnail-600-×-375-pxEnhancements That Make Your Procurement Easier Than Ever Before!

Better Data Quality for Purchase Date Revisions

In the Purchase Date Revisions app, you can now ensure higher data quality for each purchase order. JD Release 23 lets you stop other applications from modifying data as it’s being updated.

Use Voucher Match Automation to Match Extra Lines of Vendor Invoices

While using Vendor Match Automation, you can match invoices from vendors with additional fee lines and then add those lines to the purchase order and voucher. This way, automating vendor invoices is faster and easier. Plus, you no longer have to manually create vouchers, which saves time and money.

Outbound Interoperability for Purchase Receipts Inquiries

In this JD Edwards application enhancement, you can capture data in the receipt transaction table while reversing a purchase order receipt. You can now automate how information is exchanged between purchase order receipts and your third-party inventory interface. This enhancement makes it easier to keep data in sync.

Enjoy Smoother Manufacturing Support Features

Customize Bill of Materials Print Reports

With Release 23, you can specify whether your Bill of Materials Print report has substitutes designated within the bills of material. In this way, you get a more complete view of the product components involved in the manufacturing process.

Eliminate Human Error During Work Order Routing

The Operating Status field in the Routing Quantities and Status window gets automatically populated as you prepare purchase order receipts for a work order for production. This not only saves a step, but it can also eliminate the possibility of human error during this process.

Easier Order Management Processes!

Automatically Recalculate Rebates Using the Exchange Rate of the Original Currency

The Repost Sales Rebate History app now enables you to ensure your rebate amounts get recalculated using the exchange rate of the original sales order. This way, you can avoid variances in exchange rates as you issue rebates.

Filter Your Data by Next Status in the Real-time Event Filter Function

You can now filter data by its Next Status. You can filter out non-EDI changes to orders, such as pick slip print, backorder release, and requested date changes, without sending this information through real-time events.

Easier Human Capital Management

See Open Requisitions in Employee Org Charts

With JD Release 23, you can choose to show open requisitions within a manager’s organization and whether you have active applicants for that particular requisition. This view within the Employee Organization Chart makes it easier to identify which positions HR has to fill.

Faster, Easier Financials

Unmask Bank Account Numbers and View All of Your User’s Roles

With Release 23, Bank Account Masking can check the roles for a user, and if it identifies an active role, it can unmask the bank account numbers. This can help avoid confusion as you figure out who has which roles.

In Customer Master, You Can Add Attachments by Address Book Number and Company (Line of Business)

With the flexibility to add attachments this way, you have the freedom to attach and view customer data as it relates to a specific company.

Easily Locate Address Book Records

Using the Address Book Map feature in Release 23, you can do multiple searches simultaneously and then locate your results on a map. This gives you the data you need—in the context of a map—pertaining to suppliers, customers, and employees while also providing more insights.

New Batch Process for Simplifying the Processing of Voids

Release 23 also features a new batch application that streamlines the process of voids for joint venture distribution transactions.

Features for Easier Regulatory, Legislative, and Localized Operations

With JD Release 23, you also get localized regulatory, legislative, and tax-related functions custom-designed to meet the needs of specific jurisdictions. These benefit companies doing business in or with entities in the following regions:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • The European Union
  • Non-International Bank Account Number (Non-IBAN) countries
  • Portugal

Maximize the Benefits of Release 23 with GSI

The best way to make sure your company gets the most out of JDE Release 23 is to partner with GSI’s JD Edwards experts. With deep knowledge of JDE and all that Release 23 can do to benefit different businesses, GSI’s JDE specialists can ensure a smooth implementation of all of the above. Connect with GSI today to experience it for yourself.