JDE Release 23: Application Enhancements

    With Release 23, Oracle has further fine-tuned JD Edwards as a business management and automation tool. Release 23 includes features that enable more efficient business processes across a range of verticals. In this article, we’ll explain some of the standout enhancements according to business sector, so you can start strategizing how to put them to work for your organization.


    Release 23 gives you additional options when it comes to the fields that you can add to accounts receivable (AR) invoices. You can put in tax IDs and tax rate percentages, for instance.

    Also, Release 23 enables you to set up systems that further streamline the voucher approval process. For example, you can set up a workflow that reviews vouchers and doesn’t pay them until they’ve been approved.

    The same is true for bank account details, which can be automatically updated after the approver greenlights them.


    The procurement process now benefits from the option to copy supplier configurations from within the Supplier Self-Service section and then apply it to one or multiple suppliers. This saves considerable time when creating supplier configurations.


    Release 23’s benefits for manufacturing are many, including the ability to:

    • Override Kanban statuses and manually reset or adjust them.
    • Avoid negative completion quantities.
    • Base component request dates on either the start date of the work order or the operation that will use the part.
    • Incorporate blank batch quantities in the product definition. If a work order is processed for a quantity that has an outdated batch bill of material or routing, it's linked with the active one provided—as long as one is available for the item being manufactured.
    • Sync the start dates of work order headers so they are the same as the start dates of the initial routing operation.
    • Keep work-in-process costs updated within the WIP Revaluation function.
    • Eliminate confusion by automatically populating fields using the Component Unit of Measure as described in the Item Master field.

    Capital Asset Management

    Capital asset management benefits from Release 23's better work order display function. Enhanced work order management applications now allow system administrators to limit the number of work orders to initially display when an inquiry includes child assets. This can prevent display issues that can arise from database limitations.

    Homebuilder Management

    Release 23 extends the use of wildcards and specific values across all levels. A global value or wildcard automatically associates items with configuration or costing features. By allowing users to use a combination of wildcard (+) and specific values with Option Cost Detail program take-off records, Release 23 makes it easier to accurately price current options and provide updated cost information.

    Transportation Management

    Transportation management is now easier with Release 23 as well. To improve the user experience and present information more logically, the Freight Update batch application can now display billable freight lines on a fresh line, after all the order lines of each shipment on a sales order.

    Also, with the updated Transportation Management application, customers can choose to bypass assigning shipment numbers to non-stock order lines when confirming transportation shipments. As a time-saving tool, this new feature adds flexibility and eliminates the need for workarounds that can decrease user productivity.

    Grower Management

    To better facilitate the grower interoperability process, the Grower Management application has added new tables and applications. These additions allow the system to consolidate and manage all weigh tag data from subsidiary tables into one table, providing a more comprehensive view of the data. As a result, organizations can process and communicate information more seamlessly.


    Release 23 also makes it easier for organizations to conform to local regulations and requirements. For example, it provides support for tax and financial situations specific to the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) region, Brazil, Portugal, and India.

    Start Leveraging the Power of Release 23 with GSI’s Experts

    The April 2023 updates to JDE introduce the possibility of significant process improvements for a diverse array of business sectors. EnterpriseOne Release 23 represents Oracle's continued investment in usability to make it easier for customers to take their operations to the next level. But it can be a challenge to get the most out of this new version—without experienced help, at least.

    This is where GSI’s JD Edwards experts can help. With years of experience helping organizations maximize their JDE investments, GSI’s professionals are well-equipped to make sure you get the most from Release 23's application enhancements. To learn more, connect with GSI today.