JDE Release 23: Tools Enhancements (April 2023)

    JD Edwards (JDE) has long provided users with an array of tools that improve productivity and efficiency. Release 23 provides further enhancements in line with user needs. 

    With the April 2023 updates, Release 23 is the latest version of JDE, one of Oracle’s flagship solutions. Here, we’ll dig into the tools improvements that come with JDE Release 23 to help you better understand how to use this versatile software.

    How Companies Can Improve BPA With JD Edwards

    Companies can improve their BPA using JD Edwards by leveraging its tools and features to automate processes, workflows, alerts, and notifications. JD Edwards also provides real-time access to critical business information and can be integrated with BPA tools to automate manual tasks. Here are some ways in which companies can improve their business process automation (BPA) using JD Edwards:

    Digital Transformation

    Release 23 brings tools improvements that make it easier to facilitate digital transformation:

    • Monitoring and logging of AIS REST API responses and requests. This mirrors the ability to log and monitor orchestrations in Orchestrator Monitor.
    • Logic extensions that can call other logic extensions. With Release 23, you get nested logic extensions that enable you to use snippets of code as objects you can use again and again, saving considerable time and programming effort.
    • The ability to add rich formatting to text in Orchestrator Studio. Now, text in Orchestrator Studio can contain images, tables, and more.

    User Experience

    The enhancements that impact users’ experiences are the most diverse and far-reaching. For example, grid import and export capabilities now extend to users of Microsoft 365 products.

    You can now also use form control extensions to exercise more granular control over fields. For instance, you can set up conditional rules to automate the disabling or enabling of each field.

    EnterpriseOne Release 23 also empowers users to map application versions, designating them as inputs in orchestrations or as logic extensions. Release 23 gives you a file selector tool that enables you to supply file inputs to your orchestrations and download output files as well.

    Users also have access to Oracle Guided Learning, which provides step-by-step instructions for using and designing business processes.

    System Automation

    Release 23 also includes system automations that smooth out many crucial functions of the software, such as accessing updates, accessing log files, repairing missing objects, and configuring settings for AIS servers.

    For instance, it’s now easier to stay code-current because the JDE Update Manager automatically links Electronic Software Updates (ESUs) included in application updates. The Update Manager also shows UBE jobs, making it faster to access report log files.

    In addition, Release 23 improves the object repository repair process in Package Build. The system can automatically repair missing object records using their associated artifacts.

    To manage AIS server configurations, Release 23 allows you to use centralized configurations, saving valuable time for admins while eliminating many potential errors.


    The security improvements in Release 23 include the implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for communications between your Enterprise Server and your database servers. You also get Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for data sent between the database server and development clients, the Enterprise Server, and the deployment server when they’re sent through Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connections.

    Release 23 also enhances password encryption for users that run UBE jobs using the scheduler, giving them a higher level of encryption.


    With Release 23, you can now use automation to provision Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) components. You can use this feature to design your provisioning strategy based on business requirements and price performance. This eases migration to OCI and weaves cost savings into your provisioning system. 


    Vendors drive the product support lifecycle of the components used to deploy JD Edwards, so Oracle makes sure to certify the latest versions of applicable products. This way, you get a well-performing, vendor-supported technology stack, which means you don’t have to worry about the performance and functionality of your deployments. 

    Release 23 comes with the following platform certifications:

    • Microsoft ODBC Driver 18 for Microsoft SQL Server
    • Apple MacOS Ventura 13.2
    • Microsoft Edge Chromium 110
    • IBM Websphere Application Server
    • Microsoft Office 365 for grid export/import
    • IBM iSeries 7.5
    • Google Chrome 110

    Put Release 23 Tools Enhancements to Work Today 

    Implementing all—or even a few—of Release 23’s enhancements can be a tall order. But GSI’s JD Edwards experts have your back. With seasoned professionals that understand the ins and outs of JDE, GSI’s managed services support team puts you in a powerful position to fully maximize your implementation. 

    Whether you’re just getting started with JDE or looking to get more from your solution, connect with GSI today to experience the possibilities.