JD Edwards One-Click Provisioning

What is JD Edwards One-Click Provisioning?

Are you looking to upgrade to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 and moving to the cloud? With JD Edwards One-Click Provisioning, now available with 9.2 Update 2 and Tools Release, customers are now provided with the tools and framework to automatically deploy a fully functioning JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, thus reducing the cost, time and effort required to deploy a JD Edwards system.  Using an intuitive interface, customers can configure their Oracle Cloud account details and orchestrate their deployment, using a single click to automatically provision their JD Edwards environment.  The output will be a fully functioning JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment with the latest tools and applications releases.

Three Simple Steps

  1. Configure – Configure Server Manager details (i.e. username, password, REST endpoint, etc.)
  2. Orchestrate – create deployment plan using Quick Start
    • Server Names and Pathcodes - Database, Enterprise, HTML (Web), Deployment Servers
  3. Deploy – initiate the scripts for automated publishing of the EnterpriseOne system

The new expanded capabilities of One-Click Provisioning allow you to provision multiple enterprise, database and web servers as well as clustering and load balancing, needed for a full production deployment. In addition, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne migration utilities allow clients to move their business data, business configurations and customizations into their new EnterpriseOne environment in Oracle Cloud.

The deployed JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment running on Oracle Cloud virtual servers includes:

  • Database server in Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • HTML & AIS servers in Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Deployment server & enterprise server in Oracle Compute Cloud Service
  • Server Manager console to manage all the deployed EnterpriseOne servers

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