What’s New in ServiceNow’s Quebec Release for IT Service Management


    What’s New in ServiceNow’s Quebec Release for IT Service Management 

    ServiceNow’s most recent product version is the ServiceNow Quebec release.  If you are on New York, you need to upgrade right away as that version is now going out of support.  Orlando customers need to plan to upgrade by the next release. 

    Here are a few new features to be aware of in Quebec. 

    ITSM Virtual Agent  

    ServiceNow brings the power of AI to Virtual Agents. Now, anyone can deploy Virtual Agents easily and get rapid value. Use AI to provide topic recommendations, intercept and deflect issues with the Virtual Agent and enable seamless workflows between ServiceNow Virtual Agent and third-party team collaboration tools. 

    Workforce Optimization 

    Workforce Optimization (WFO) gives managers the ability to monitor IT services demand in real-time, schedule agent work shifts, report on historical performance trends and improve the quality of their team’s work all in one workspace. 

    Process Optimization 

    Process Optimization creates visual business process flows from the data in audit trails to enable businesses to uncover hidden bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This lets organizations deliver optimal output with every process. 

    Incident Response Playbooks  in ServiceNow Quebec Release

    Incident Response Playbook enables IT staff to automate the tasks in the resolution process by visualizing the workflow. This will eliminate human errors and delays and will resolve many incidents with reduced need for human intervention. 

    Please contact us here at GSI if you need help upgrading, want to consider Automated Test Framework scripts or any of our other ServiceNow delivery and managed services.