ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) FAQ's

ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) FAQ's

ServiceNow ITSM suite supports core ITIL service processes and ITOM is used to manage IT operations, but what about the business side of IT? Are you managing IT projects, development, and financials? Let's discuss the ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) application and what it can do for you.

This ITBM FAQ is designed to help you understand how to run IT like a business and keep projects & financials from sliding into the red by tracking and scrutinizing your resources, timelines, and costs.

ServiceNow IT Business Management, or ITBM, provides a suite of applications to rein in the business processes within IT, to help you:

  • See what's happening
  • Align projects and resources with your strategic goals
  • Deliver products and services faster

ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) focuses on business efficiency and provides capabilities centered on helping organizations achieve greater agility. For example:

  • Agile capabilities
  • Agile mobile app
  • Machine learning to aid in innovation management
  • Integrated workflows for managing project risks, issues, decisions, actions, and changes

Let's discuss the the various capabilities of ServiceNow IT Business Management.

What is Application Portfolio Management?

 Application Portfolio Management provides the tools to help you:

  • Identify the applications you have
  • Measure each app in terms of quality, cost, usage, and risk
  • Evaluate each app
  • Decide whether to invest in each app, maintain it as is, replace it with another, or retire it
  • Take action based on your decision

 What is Financial Management?

Financial Management (FM) allows you to allocate, track, and report on expenses in your organization. FM is a fully transparent costing methodology, describing IT expenses as they are allocated to IT shared services, applications, and consuming business units. It uses General Ledger, or GL, as the fundamental source of information, and leverages data from the Now Platform to map your costs and usage.

What is Agile Development?

Agile development is a software development methodology with an iterative, incremental, and flexible approach. The ServiceNow Agile Development 2.0 application can help you implement an Agile software development framework for your software development lifecycle.

 What are Agile Dashboards in ServiceNow IT Business Management?

Agile dashboards are designed to provide valuable insight to help improve Agile processes and practices for the way you plan and execute software development work. ServiceNow OOTB dashboards include:

  • Sprint dashboards for tracking scope, actual burndown, and forecast trends of previous sprints, as well as assistance in analyzing data to properly plan for upcoming sprints.
  • Release dashboards for insights to plan the work for upcoming releases
  • Epic dashboards to visualize how stories of an epic are progressing.
  • Team dashboards for insight into how each team is progressing on stories over a given period of time.

What are Scrum Programs?

Scrum programs enable deeper visibility into teams with a timeline and identify:

  • Which teams are contributing?
  • What work is defined?
  • The load on each team as compared to its capacity.
  • Dependencies among the work of the team.

You can organize work and view dependencies, acquire insights into sprint capacity, and see when specific teams are overloaded. In short, scrum programs provide a single, centralized view that includes key visualizations for planning and tracking the work being done across multiple teams for a specific outcome.

 What are Agile Story Integrations?

Through integration with tools like Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps (ADO) and ServiceNow platform, Agile Story and status is synced at the program and/or portfolio level and a single system of record is created. This enhances executive reporting and improves overall business processes—and everyone gets to keep their tools of choice.

For example, Agile Story to Jira Issue (a type Story):

  • When a story is created in ServiceNow, the integration automatically creates a corresponding Jira.
  • Similarly, when a Jira issue is created, the integration automatically creates a corresponding ServiceNow story.
  • The two corresponding items are linked together by the integration so that when updates are made to either item, that update can be synched back to its equivalent item in the other product.

What is Agile Development Mobile App?

Agile Development Mobile app provides:

  • Scrum masters and product owner’s visibility into the work of the current sprint on-the-go in a mobile environment
  • Team members supporting the sprint can view the stories and tasks assigned to them
  • Scrum team members can stay up to date with current sprint status
  • Identify roadblocked stories and includes drill-down capabilities into story details for faster resolution

What is Innovation Management with Machine Learning?

Innovation Management allows you to capture, vote on, vet, and track ideas—all from a single location within an Innovation Portal. Machine learning capabilities identify similar or duplicate ideas that are grouped and surfaced more easily.

What is RADIC Workflows?

RIDAC (Risks, Issues, Decisions, Actions, and Changes) workflows eliminate time-consuming, manual processes by automating the movement of work; for example, moving “risks” to “issues.”

  • Improve the efficiency of project manager with integrated workflow to great better efficiencies
  • Visibility into the number of open change requests and decisions that may affect the overall project health
  • Workflow between existing tables
  • Traceability between tables
  • Eliminate manual copying and pasting risks to issues

What is Technology Portfolio Hardware Lifecycles?

Technology Portfolio Hardware Lifecycles is a way to plan for hardware upgrades, purchases, and remediate technology risks.

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