ST/OT Transfer Order Inventory Tracking without Receipts Routing

    ST/OT Transfer Order Inventory Tracking without Receipts Routing

    Edward Gutkowski | Chiff Architect RapidReconciler

    Copy-of-neighborhood-400x250ST/OT transfer orders in JD Edwards are used to move materials between branch plants (A to B) within the same company and employ the use of a clearing account to hold the value of the goods while they are in transit. This balance sheet account differs from a perpetual account because while the goods are in transit the quantities on hand “disappear” from the perpetual counts and only remain as a balance in the clearing account.

    Receipt routing can be used to track inventory that is in transit from one branch to another. After the branch processing the sales order has shipped the goods, they will be ready for receipt at the receiving branch where they can be processed. The goods can be tracked in a receipt routing operation (TRAN) before they are physically entered into stock (STK).

    RapidReconciler provides an option to Receipts Routing, in that it creates an inventory “As Of” on the fly as these orders are shipped and received and is accessible through the user interface as shown below:

    The period selector in the top right corner allows you to choose any fiscal period within the timeline for a quick listing of all In Transit items at the time! The + sign at the end provides all of the detail transactions adding up the the current balance. A sample is shown below:

    Using RapidReconciler for tracking in-transit inventory mitigates the need to use receipts routing and all that required setup. Now I bet you are wondering what that “Exclusion Adjust” highlighted above means. Let the suspense build as I will address that next month. Until then, happy reconciling!

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