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Lonnie Elwood, Sr. Client Success Manager – Cloud/Hosting

CloudSenseIf you’ve been following our CloudSense blog, you know that we at GSI are not locked into a specific Cloud technology, but rather we feel it is important to understand all the technologies that are available, in order to make sure we can guide our clients towards the solution that makes the most sense for their business.

The different Cloud types have been broken down in previous articles and are generally accepted to be in the following categories:

  • Private Cloud
  • Hosted Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Multi-Cloud

These Cloud types allow a good grouping of services available to customers who want to improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of their workloads, but there are a couple of subsets within these types I would like to touch on this month:

  • Bare metal” - The Cloud community refers to “bare metal” as physical servers that are dedicated to your company. The servers are taking advantage of the redundancy and performance of the Cloud platform’s infrastructure, but these physical servers are not shared with others.  There may be many reasons why you choose this option, including software licensing and regulatory compliance requirements.  This option would also you allow you to bring your own hypervisor if your business has a compelling reason to go with a particular vendor.
  • Purpose built hardware - There are many workloads that can either be built in the Cloud or moved to the Cloud, using common x86-based compute resources. Some workloads, however, require purpose-built hardware for operating system and performance considerations.  If your needs include something such as Exadata or a POWER8, you are not bound to an on-premise option, as these are available as consumable Cloud options.
  • DBaaS - Although typically considered to be a component of PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), DBaaS (Database as a Service) is a specific subset worthy of taking note. It is one the fastest growing cloud services, and with data being generated at an exponential rate in the industry today, there is no indication it will slow down.  DBaaS can apply the benefits of the Cloud to the lifeblood of your company and simplify administration for your DBAs.

This subset of offerings is really intended to broaden your vision of how the Cloud be leveraged to your advantage.  If you have any other questions about the Cloud or are looking for assistance with your migration project, GSI is here to help you. At GSI we take pride in the fact that our teammates and consultants have extensive technical and business experience that can help your organization.  We have a Cloud Value Assessment offering that provides you with a Cloud Migration Strategy/Roadmap that is in complete alignment with your business goals.  Email us at to start the conversation.

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