Conditional Rules


Conditional Rules in NetSuite


Q and A

Question: I can make standard or custom fields mandatory on certain forms, but what if I want to conditionally require fields?

Answer: Using Rules in OpenAir, you can take your Customization with forms to the next level.


Follow these steps to customize a form with your first set of Conditional Rules.  In the example below, we want to create a rule essentially saying, “If Project Owner is BLANK, Require the Expense Approval Routing to ONLY Display ONE option: Approval Routing – No PM”

Follow the steps in the screenshot below and navigate to:

  1. Administration
  2. Customization
  3. Projects
  4. Project
  5. Rules
  6. Create


After naming your new rule, decide whether you want your condition to be “All of the following” (AND) or “Any of the following” (OR)

Then define what fields should contain (or not contain) certain information to initiate the rule


In this example, IF Project Owner is Blank… THEN

 Define the action to be performed if the conditions are met, then add the applicable fields once selected       A3


In this example, we are limiting the values (or “forcing” a drop down) of another field: “Project expense reports are approved by”

Once you’ve selected which fields are affected by the action, highlight the field on the right-hand “Selected” pane and the available values to choose from will appear below



We have chosen to restrict the options to only one by selecting one approval process on the left-hand pane and adding it to the right-hand pane.

If you wish, you may add custom messages to appear at the top of the page if the condition is met



Once you save, your rule is live and should affect all users immediately.  If Project Owner is blank, the form will display this message at the top of the page and limit the expense approval routing to the one specified routing process:


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