Enterprise Migrations to the Cloud

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Enterprise Migrations to the Cloud

Lonnie Elwood, Sr. Client Success Manager – Cloud/Hosting

GovernanceEnterprises can take advantage of the power of the Cloud in many ways. This can be to leverage cost saving, or perhaps drive innovation within the firm or the firm’s business vertical. Although one of the most commonly touted benefits of Cloud computing can be a reduction in IT costs, many times there are other advantages that outweigh this cost savings. Let's look at some ways in which a firm chooses to move to the Cloud.

1. Lift and shift - This is an example where systems that exist in non-Cloud environments are simply re-hosted on Cloud architecture. This move can reap financial benefits depending on the cost structure of the existing environment, but it may not be as dramatic as one would expect. The long-term advantage may more likely be that when the firm chooses to move forward to newer systems, their workloads are already on a Cloud platform that they’ve become familiar with. This is often the fastest path to the Cloud.


2. Replatform - In this scenario, the underlying workload solution isn’t swapped out, but the architecture components may have upgrades to newer versions. This can be operating system upgrades, application upgrades and increases to higher levels of availability via tools such as load balancing of services. New functionality can be implemented via this approach, without fundamentally changing the way the end users are used to running the business.

3. Replace - An off the shelf software solution that is Cloud-based may make sense when a company has outgrown the capabilities of the existing solution, or their business has changed to the point that the existing solution is no longer a fit. Given the direction of the IT industry, it is very rare that an on-premises solution would be able to compete with the advantages of running a Cloud-based solution.

4. Refactor - A firm that has needs to innovate within their market share may need to take a “refactor” approach to differentiate themselves. The innovation allowed by developing solutions that leverage Cloud-first technologies may allow the best long term financial benefit, but it requires an up-front investment and a solid commitment from the business leadership that this strategy will serve the firm’s best interest.

This is an exciting time to be involved in technology. Today’s fast moving global economy requires one to never stop moving forward. Like any opportunity, it is important to go into an endeavor with as much information as you can get to make sure you are making the best choice for your firm. GSI can help you navigate getting to the Cloud and ensuring once you get there the Cloud continues to add value you expect to receive. If you have any other questions about the Cloud or are looking for assistance with your migration project, GSI is here to help you. At GSI we take pride in the fact that our teammates and consultants have extensive technical and business experience that can help your organization. We have a Cloud Value Assessment offering that provides you with a Cloud Migration Strategy/Roadmap that is in complete alignment with your business goals. 

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