F5 SSL configuration with WebLogic 12c

334Sam Thacker, Senior Advanced Technology Services Manager

Are you planning on using an F5 Appliance to load balance your EnterpriseOne HTML Instances? If so, and you want to use the F5 for SSL connections, there is a note that you will want to be aware of when you perform the setup of the F5 appliance and the E1 HTML instances.

F5 Configuration
The F5 needs some customization to pass a header called WL-Proxy-SSL with a value of true. Without the header, the application might not use the correct protocol when building URL's to be passed to the client.
WebLogic Configuration
· From the WebLogic Admin Console Click the 'Lock and Edit' bar
· Select the AdminServer
· Click on Configuration
· Open the Advanced Settings Option
· Set the 'WebLogic Plugins Enabled' option to 'Yes'
· Click 'Save'
· Click the 'Apply Changes' bar
Perform the same steps with the EnterpriseOne Server(s)
Reboot the server in order to restart all of the WLS Servers.
It is a small step to configure WebLogic to function correctly with an F5 Appliance serving the SSL connections, however it is required in order to make the components compatible. Otherwise you will connect and no page will be rendered to the user.
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