GENISYS Insights - November 2018


GENISYS Monthly and Quarterly Performance Testing

Al Hotchkiss, Senior Technical Solution Architect

Cameron Kennedy, Solutions Architect, GENISYS SME, Tier One Team Lead


The GENISYS team has been working on a foundation for offering ‘Performance Testing as a Service’, building out plans for monthly and quarterly performance testing. Many clients are often hesitant to update Windows Updates & Patches, WebLogic/WebSphere Patches or Database Patches in case unforeseen system stability or application issues are encountered.

GENISYS can be used to help test the system with either a general load or specific processes to ensure system stability for users after the maintenance is complete.

Load testing with GENISYS offers a customizable Results Analysis Report that allows the GENISYS team to work with the client to determine which metrics are most important and we can narrow down and focus specifically on those items. With Transaction Points, we can determine specifically the average time of a user’s task in JD Edwards; for example, login times, how long it takes to open address book, and the time it takes for address book to query the database and return data. After each testing cycle is complete the Results Analysis Report allows us to compare against previous tests automatically, without having to manually match up data points.

The GENISYS team is also working with Radview for NetSuite scripting and testing, aiming to be ready client testing in Q1 of 2019.

As always, the GENISYS Team is in position and ready to partner with our clients to make their software investment a corporate success. If you have any questions about security, please email us at  or click Contact Us.