GENISYS Insights - October 2018


GENISYS Workshop 2018

Al Hotchkiss, Senior Technical Solution Architect


A GENISYS Workshop was conducted on October 02 – October 06, at the GSI Office in Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission, for the four days, was to accomplish the following:

  • Build the working relationships among the GENISYS team members
  • Develop GENISYS Scripts for load testing and regression testing of the NetSuite ERP product
    • Working Scripts were created
    • Continued Development of the Net Suite scripts to make them more efficient is taking place in conjunction with Radview.
    • Enabling Scripts to be used at multiple clients
  • Develop a foundation for offering GENISYS as a Service
    • Monthly Performance Testing
    • Quarterly Performance Testing
    • Develop a Pricing Strategy that makes scheduled load testing a beneficial option

The GENISYS Team is hard at work serving our clients and developing new product offerings for our clients.