Cameron Kennedy, Solutions Architect

GENISYSGENISYS and its IDE application also have the capabilities to do a massive amount of data entry. It is the perfect opportunity for companies that have “back-burner” projects that would be too time consuming and tedious for their staff to do. A prime example would be updating Address Book numbers for their users. Are there hundreds of users without an Address Book record? With a .csv file containing the User ID and Address Book numbers to assign, the whole process can be scripted and each AB record updated. This can be setup to run in multiple blocks of users at once instead of having to add the data one at a time, steam-lining the process.

We have also used this in the past for the Prospects and Lead Management applications which has a multi-step process (Add New Lead, Search for New Lead, Follow Up on New Lead, Create an appointment for New Lead and Lead Transfer). This can also be used outside of JDE on any web-based platform could be used to help pre-load data that is need for stress/load and performance testing.

For performance testing, GENISYS is very helpful in determining if a specific server or servers is struggling to maintain a desired user and work load. The tool is well equipped with around a hundred-different metrics for gathering data and being able to pin point when and where the server is struggling the most. Our team is also very knowledgeable in both infrastructure as well as JDE to help analyze and make suggestions on where improvements are necessary.

GENISYS Team is ready to serve.

The GENISYS Team is in position and ready to partner with our clients. We are armed with the newest release of the WebLOAD software from Radview and the team is prepared to assist our clients with the day to day performance of their systems and the critical decisions looking to the future.