Have you ever gone into Server Manager and your WebLogic admin consoles show "Undetermined"?

10463859 1018866614811432 4823559341529199060 oSam Thacker, Senior Advanced Technology Services Manager

Well, if you are running on a virtualized Linux server with WebLogic, you are probably having an issue with entropy. The Linux kernel generates entropy from keyboard timings, mouse movements, and IDE timings and makes the random character data available to other operating system processes through these special files /dev/random and /dev/random. This capability was introduced in Linux version 1.3.30.

So, if you have experienced slow starting on NodeManager and random undetermined status of WebLogic servers in server manager, you should read the following article:
I have a customer who followed these recommendations and they are no longer seeing the issues with entropy. The Linux servers in Server Manager respond quickly and are much faster to start up and shutdown. Now, NodeManager starts in seconds and not minutes.
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